Wednesday, September 28, 2011

39 weeks... the hard way.

Today it is official.  I am one week from my due date.

And I haven't had much time to think about it.  Last week Josie brought home a nasty head cold.  Friday Sarah really seemed to catch it and by Sunday evening we knew something was up.  A long night Sunday and a doctor appointment Monday and it was confirmed Sarah has croup.  I have been up nights with her and busy days with her just trying to get through it.  I've never had a little one with croup before.  Her cough is better now, not as barky, but the steroid pills they put her on are terrible.  She's cranky, they taste terrible, I'm tired.  It's not a great combination.  She's still really not feeling good but we are seeing some improvement.

Luke worked 15 hours yesterday.  He was literally not home at all.  He's trying to get all the wheat sown way up north.  They just finished section 11 and Tolstrip... on to Barnika's today and back to the farm place tomorrow.  As soon as he's done with that it's time to start picking up the millet they swathed the beginning of the month.  There are three and a half fields, or another three days of work there.  He hasn't been home since Friday when they were able to start sowing wheat again.

We are a little overwhelmed.  I don't like this journal because it sounds like I'm complaining.  Really I'm not, we're blessed.  Blessed to be expecting, blessed that Sarah is strong enough to cough hard and fight this virus, blessed that Luke has work and we are provided for.  The truth is though that we have a lot going on!

Josie is struggling.  Anxiety is something she deals with all the time but lately it's been worse.  She has a hard teacher this year.  Last year she had a very sweet teacher who mothered her, this year her teacher is really pushing personal responsibility.  It is hard for my sensitive, anxious girl some days.  So there's been that too.  We really just need to get through the year with this teacher... and there's a lesson in it for her.  About how it's not always easy with other's in this world.  I just hate to see her worry over school.

 I am so glad that I don't have to worry about Marie getting this virus that Sarah is fighting.  She just couldn't cough.  Then I feel guilty about  being relieved about that because it means she 's not here.  And I miss her and wish she was here but I am so grateful for Heaven...

So we've hit 39 weeks but the last week has been hard. My next doctor appointment is Monday and my due date is Wednesday, the 5th.  I will talk to the doctor about our options for induction if/when I go over my due date.  I have had to be induced with all three of our girls so far as my labors don't progress.  After going nine days over with Sarah I am going to ask they not let me go past 41 weeks this time.  Poor Sarah was starving at birth, her skin was cracked, and there was meconium in her fluid so her lungs were compromised.  She just baked too long and I would like to avoid that with this little one if I can.  That and the hospital is an hour and forty minuets from here so it would be comforting to have some sort of plan. 

Please continue to lift Abigail up in your prayers as she is still fighting pneumonia...



Clarissa said...

Having sick babies is so hard! I'm so thankful Abigail is doing so well, considering. She slept through the night last night with no breathing problems, but I was literally up every ten minutes or so with Hadassah and Marcus who have fevers, head colds, sore throats. Ugh! Not fun. Josiah is also wheezing terribly now, as is his normal when getting a bad cold. But, I know there are so many blessings in the midst of this!
Praying for Sarah, that she will get over the croup quickly and you will both get some rest tonight! Praying for Josie, that her fears will be calmed and she will be given Peace from Jesus. Maybe she is more anxious with new baby due, since last time a baby was born, Marie was called Home..?? Prayers for you all as you deal with Luke working long hours... God's timing is perfect, it'll all work out!! Praying blessings on sweet baby#4 and you! Love and hugs!

Katie of Cabbage Ranch said...

Shannon, it doesn't sound like you're complaining. Sometimes there's just no way around having too much going on, too many worries, too many people needing you and not enough of you to go around. This must be a very challenging time for you all as you walk a path similar to the one before... but this time, this birth, it will be joy without grief. Keeping you all in my prayers for some rest and laughter and a few extra pairs of hands to lighten the load! :)