Saturday, April 26, 2008

Another week gone! I've been a slacker this week in updating. Josie and I ordered books from Amazon and we've been reading a lot this week. She got two new ones, both Stage 1 Beginning Readers. They are: Fancy Nancy and the Boy From Paris, and Fancy Nancy at the Museum. We do so love Fancy Nancy! The best part is, Josie can read words! So far we're reading and, at, to, I, a, me, and other simple small ones. It is so cool to sit with her and see it click!
fancy nancy

My brother Mickey came to hang out on Thursday and we had fun with him. He is turning 21 on Sunday, it makes me feel a little old (I am 7 years older than him, he's still supposed to be a baby). He has a lot of fun at college, only 40 miles or so from here so we don't get to see him a TON, but when we do it's always a good visit...

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