Friday, April 11, 2008


It is so quiet here this morning. Luke took Josie to her Ear/Nose/Throat apt so it's just Marie and me here. Hopefully Josie's visit with the doctor goes okay. Her ear tubes have been in for too long, 3 years (!) so they're going to talk about surgery to remove them and patch the hole in her eardrum. This sucks, everyone else I've talked to had the tubes fall out on their own. Poor Josie, those who know her understand, this will be MAJOR DRAMA! She is also going to have a lunch date with Daddy on the way back and she's happy about that. I'm making Luke go to WalMart on his way home though.... he hates WalMart!

Marie and I are good, we're playing with seizure meds again to get hers back under control. I counted 15 yesterday, 5 were major, so hopefully this gets settled soon. It sucks for her, but she's so tough. She just grabs my finger and we get through it together. It's odd that I can talk about it so calmly, but it's become our day to day. We know how to cope, so we just do what needs done. Marie is so patient, it inspires me to be a little calmer about everything myself.

This week was an interesting one, I made a lot of new friends. I have discovered this entire group of women who are so strong, they are mothers to babies with special needs too. I think sometimes that I've got it hard, but in reality my story is nothing compared to a lot of them. There are some tough Mama's. It's good to have found them, to pull strength from their stories. It is amazing how we are able to find the people we need. It'd like to think that it's God's hand guiding me in the directions I need to be going. I'm a little clueless, so I have to thank Him for the help. I truly believe he introduced me to a few people this week for a reason.

My sister Annalee was supposed to come and visit yesterday, bummer that the snow came. She's coming today though and Josie is SO EXCITED! I'm looking forward to seeing her too. We don't get to hang out much, so this will be nice. I hope the roads are good for her to get here. I think we got about 8" of snow yesterday, it's hard to tell though since it mostly came down sideways on account of the wind. Can you believe last week I was actually online shopping for a pool for the backyard? I love wearing flip flops and snow boots in the same week!

Also, thank you to those who have made tributes in honor of Marie on her Caring Bridge site. I didn't notice they were there until Annalee pointed them out to me. Thank you:) I am feeling the good in the world. There is a lot of it, although they don't show it on the news. I'm sort of in awe of how many people Marie has touched. She's reached out to more people in her life than I ever have in mine. It's amazing. Thank you for caring about her!

The wind is still blowing here... I'm thinking I need to go to my beach with a big pitcher of margaritas... sadly that probably won't happen. Instead I should clean the bathroom, I am such a lucky girl!

I do have lots of soccer pics to put up too, they're just on the camera. I know, I am feeling lazy though. Josie's got another game tomorrow so I'll be taking more I'm sure. She really loves playing.

I'll leave you with a laugh and another installment of my Funny Things Josie Says:

"Soccer girls wear pony tails Mom, and I am a soccer girl"

"Eyelashes on boys means handsome". Heaven help us!!!

While talking on the phone to my cousin Renee "I'm going to hang up on you now"...

"I'm bored putting away my toys" "I'm bored eating dinner" "I'm bored getting dressed" Notice a theme here?

"Girls like green beans, and I am a girl!"

"When you wear glasses you don't look like my Mommy, you look like a weird Mommy" Thanks.

"Why does God take so long making is summer?"

"That took a long time, like eighty four hundred seconds!" I've know idea how long that actually is, but apparently it is a very... long... time....

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Patyrish said...

The song "angel" that came up as when your page loaded is AMAZING. Made me cry.

Reading about you and Marie getting through her seizures together made me cry too. Our kids are tough and their patience amaze me too.

I am glad you found me.

Tell Josie I also would like to know what's taking summer so long! I live in Florida so you know it's taking long if I say it is! ;-)