Saturday, April 26, 2008



Thank you for the TastyKakes! They were such a fun surprise, and, Luke got to taste them for the first time ever (he is a fan). Josie loves them, it was such a fun, fun treat! Mickey was here when I opened the package and he made off with one of the boxes, but it was okay, it makes a nice birthday gift for him:)

Thank you so much, you made our day, it was so sweet of you to think of us!


Milk Mama said...

Hi Shan! How are your girls doing? :D I love Anna's babylegs. I think I want MORE lol!

Maria said...

Hi Everyone,

You are so welcome! I am glad that Luke and Josie like them and that Mickey was there and got to take some. You all deserve a treat. Take care!

Matt said...

mmm. They sold those at the C Store in College.