Friday, April 18, 2008

Hooray! It has been one long, stinkin' week. Jo's got soccer practice this evening and then we're having pizza (from the freezer, I haven't made "real" pizza in so long its just sad). Tomorrow she has a game at the obscene hour of 8:30. Should be interesting, morning people we are not.
Grandma Judy is coming to visit, and cheer on Josie...
I am stealing this idea, I used to do something similar but haven't in awhile. So, Marie and Josie's top 10 favorite things (in no particular order)!

Little Miss Sunshine Josie loves (in her own words):

Dragon Tales.

Her purple bunny rabbit.


Mashed potato's

Doing arts and crafts

Singing her ABC's

"Three Little Birds" or the "Gunna be alright song" by Bob Marley (our song has changed in honor of this favorite thing)

The Disney Princess'


Singing songs and twirling

pink flower Marie loves (according to Josie and Mommy):


Blue Bear

Cool Whip

Bath time

Chocolate pudding



Socks (seriously, she loves socks. We have to help her now but she loves holding them, chewing on them, pretty much everything to do with them)


Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is her favorite song (Josie says, Marie might dispute this)


Kirstie said...

Shan you amaze me more and more everyday you have turned into such and amazing woman!! I always knew when we were growing up God had a special plan for you!
Tell the girls I love their top ten list and those are some of my favorite things too! Also e-mail me your address so I can send you a box of stuff a few of us have put together for you and your amazing little family!!

Love Ya Kidd

Tonya said...

REAL pizza??? You make REAL pizza??? Friend, you should get an award for THAT alone! SERIOUSLY! Hehe.. our poor boys get excited when I pull out a Totino's. (sp?)

Have a WONDERFUL weekend...