Monday, January 12, 2009


Today I was paying bills and came across the writeup that was mailed to us after Marie's last neurology appointment. His "impression" summing up the visit. "Leigh's Syndrome without expected decline".

My Marie defies expectations, I am so proud of her. I've known she was holding steady, but it is so nice to read it in writing. When she was diagnosed we felt like we were handed a death sentence. Now, she is without the expected decline. Prayer works, Marie proves it.

Now, on to "Not Me!" Monday:) Normally you're supposed to link to the "rules" but I can't find them so... I'm not gonna!

I did not call cereal dinner again last night.

I am not at all excited to go to see a very cool band with Luke tomorrow, in a bar, in a college town.... away from here. I am such a rebel.

I would not rub it in that the band is Cross Canadian Ragweed. That's right, eat your hearts out!

During a meeting regarding the dreaded Medicaid this morning I was not rude. I was not judgmental. I did feel bad about it. Well, actually, I didn't. Not one bit, not me!

I do not hate medicaid. Hate is a strong word. Wait, it's a strong emotion I feel. Yup, I hate it.

I do not secretly enjoy still nursing Marie to sleep after lunch because she's just so darn snugly, and I love how she's all smunched up in my arms. Besides, she's on the feeding pump. She thinks she's the bestest nurser ever.

I would never get excited about getting a new vacuum cleaner. I would not brag about it on my blog. I would not test it out on a Sunday afternoon because I need to see if all the hype is true. Nope, I am wayyyy to cool for that.
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I would never post a picture of the vacuum on my blog! The hype, it's true!

Happy Monday everyone:)

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Wayne said...

Great not me monday. P.S great vacume pic lol

2awesomekidz said...

Have tons of fun tomorrow night! I am soo glad you are getting some time together, alone!!!
Wow, that is awesome news comng from the neuro! Love it!
Thinking and praying for you guys!
Tami,Paige and Angel Landon!

Michaelene said...

"...without expected decline." What a wonderful thing for you to read - Prayer does work my friend.

Cereal for dinner ... ha! At least you weren't serving it in the form of a treat. Let's say like a rice krispy treat - I've NEVER done that, ever ;)

You will L O V E that vacuum! Have fun at the bar with your hubby ... listening to a band! So jealous, I can't stand it! Talk to you soon sweetheart!

The VW's said...

Way to go Marie!!! You are a miracle and such a blessing! Keep it up you precious thing you!

Shan, you are too funny! Thanks for the "Not me Monday" laugh!

Kirstie said...

You will love CCR! They rock have fun and great vaccum kiddo. I couldn't be happier for Maries news from the neuro!!

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

What an amazing report from the Dr. I love your Not Me Monday! :)

Lauren Kelly said...

Sweet blog. Holly told me to come by here!!! Just wanted to say hello :)

Holly said...

I love reading those happy moments with Marie. God is the ultimate healer. Miracle Worker.