Monday, January 05, 2009

A new year

  • Exodus 15:2 NIV

    The LORD is my strength and my song; he has become my salvation. He is my God, and I will praise him, my father's God, and I will exalt him.

So, we find ourselves in 2009. Just how weird does that sound? Passing of time is something I've taught myself to ignore mostly, and if I were totally honest, there are times when I dislike moving forward. I like where we are now, and I hide like a child under a blanket, not thinking of the future.

Our Christmas was wonderful, and our New Year was nice. We didn't make it till midnight, but instead were in bed by 10:30. Marie is still fighting the cold she came down with before Christmas. She seems better but will start coughing, or get congested in her head again and again. I've found that she doesn't sleep well propped up and I put her down on her side last night. It was the first real decent night of sleep we've had in two weeks.

I wonder if its that lack of sleep, or the changes of a new year, changes in our home, that leave me feeling a little overwhelmed. When you're tired it's so easy to see things in a different light, a light I don't really prefer, so I try instead to focus on all the joy here, and there is a lot of that.

Aside from the never ending cold both girls are doing pretty well. Marie finally cut her upper right eye tooth and is working getting the upper left in. After she gets all her eye teeth cut she should be done for awhile, and that little mama deserves a break!

Josie is doing great, today is her first day back in preschool. She was looking forward to going back. She's been Tinkerbell everything lately. Santa brought her the Tinkerbell movie for Christmas and she's just fascinated. An unexpected side effect is that she is genuinely depressed about not having any wings. Not fake wings, she has several pairs of those, but she wants and honest to goodness, functional pair of fairy wings. I'm not sure what to do about this and am just hoping it passes quickly.

Next week is Luke and I will have our 5th anniversary. We have two, the 14th of January, 2004 is the day we signed papers at the courthouse legally declaring us husband and wife. Then on the 27th we welcomed our baby girl Josie. On the 25th of September, the same year we were married in the church. It's a bit confusing, but I like having two anniversaries. We have been through so much that when I realize it's only been 5 years I want to laugh. In 5 years our lives have changed so much, several times. I'm so glad that God had him in mind for me though, and I love him more now than I did that day in January so few years ago.

Josie's birthday is coming up, and oh-my-goodness! She is excited! She will be having her very first friend party, a princess party, which leaves me feeling a little bad since several of her friends are boys but we won't invite them. I just don't think they'd have any fun really. I'll keep everyone posted with details about this event as it draws closer;)

And now, "Not Me!" Monday!

  • Last night for dinner, Josie did not eat fruit loops.
  • I would never have said, "Josie, if you eat all your fruit loops you can have some pie". (In my defense, it was apple pie and that totally counts as a serving of fruits and vegetables right?!)
  • I did not steal the M&M's I found in her back pack for myself. I mean, it's not stealing if she's totally forgotten they're there.
  • I did not get payback in the end because those delicious M&M's gave me heartburn.
  • I am not procrastinating folding laundry!
  • I have not been being antisocial and not blogging, not reading blogs, or taking a two week hiatus from the Internet. Actually, I did. I've been thinking and praying a lot lately. It was really pretty healing.
  • I do not wish it was spring already. It's only January, I love having it freezing cold without the perk of snow. Really, it's awesome.

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pam said...

I am with you, I wish for spring as well.

Happy Monday.

Colleen said...

Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday Josie!

when I read your post about the princess party and having boy friends...I thought...every princess needs a Knight...just an idea.

The VW's said...

I am SO wishing for an early Spring over here! Unfortunately ours won't come for a long time!

I'm sorry that you are feeling overwhelmed! I go through times where I am so anxious and overwhelmed and then it just goes away. I pray that you will be feeling lighter soon! Prayers are headed your way!

Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to Josie!