Wednesday, January 07, 2009


So, part of my New Years resolution is to get my pictures organized. I'm a slacker. I haven't printed any out, or put any in albums since October 2007 when Marie was diagnosed. It was just to hard for awhile to go back and see her sitting up, chewing on her hands, all the things she's lost. Now, by God's grace it doesn't bother me so much. I look at her and just see this unbelievable, strong, beautiful little being so full of joy. So, I'm getting it organized. This will probably be a long process! To that end, here are some photos of our happenings in December. In no particular order, enjoy!

Josie's Christmas program. She was the Christmas ball, "red, the color of His blood so all may know He died".
Playing cars with Uncle Mickey, who is single by the way, for all you ladies out there;)
Thanksgiving (I wasn't kidding when I said I was behind!)

I spent hours making a vanilla baked custard for Marie, just certain she would love it. Hours, lots of good calories, and she hated it. You'd have thought we were trying to feed her something terrible!

After Christmas at Luke's sisters, Marie was a very tired little monster.

Opening presents at our house Christmas Eve. Josie was so excited that she could barely contain herself!

Marie loved opening presents this year. Luke helped her hold the paper to tear it and she was so excited! Lots of video taken of that, it was beautiful to watch.

Our tree.


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Anonymous said...


Your girls are so adorable!! I hope the New Year brings you lots of joy! Always thinking about you!

Lots of Love,


2awesomekidz said...

I love the pics! Especially the last one! They are soo very adorable and what a true hug! I love it! Glad everyone is doing well! Hopefully we can chat soon!
Love you guys!!!
Tami Paige and Angel Landon

Tiffany & Jeff said...

Josie looks so grown up in the Christmas Program picture!!
I LOVE that last picture!! You can really tell how much they love each other!!!
Dont worry I am really behind on my pictures too! I cant even tell you the last time I had pictures printed. At least you have a good reason, I dont have any!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Shannon! The last picture of the girls hugging warms my heart!! And I love Marie's hair!! Too cute! I have just started putting Peyton's hair like that and it is so cute! Hope Marie and Josie stay healthy thru the cold weather!


The VW's said...

Thanks for sharing! Precious! Hope you are all doing well!

BTW, I am WAY behind on our pictures as well! Don't even ask how far behind!

Praying for you and your family!

Kirstie said...

Hey Shannon,

Nice to see everyone in your pics!! Nice selling of that brat little brother of yours to the ladies too!LOL I love the pic of luke and marie opening presents too. Big hugs to the whole family, and congrats on the upcoming anniversary seems like yesterday we were camping at the fairgrounds and now you are all grown up and married!!

Clarissa said...

Hey Shannon! I finally found your blog again... lost it after you gave me the address a long time ago. Wow, Marie reminds me so my of Abigail every time I see new pictures of her! Both of your girls are adorable! Happy early anniversary! Our 7th anniversary is Sept. 28th of this year. I was just 17 when we got married... crazy how much life has changed since then! Anyhow, now that I found your blog again.. I'll keep in better touch. Glad Marie seems to be doing well. hugs! God bless you all!

The VW's said...


I just wanted to thank you for putting your daily bible verse thingy on your blog! I come here each day and, especially lately, feel so comforted by what I read! Just wanted you to know! Love ya!


Holly said...

Beautful little girls! That last picture is perfect. I am so glad that you guys had a good holiday season. Your tree was beautiful! :) Love you.

TCM said...

Shan good to see your updated photos! Thanks for sharing! So fun to see everyone! How you feeling? Thinking of you :O)