Sunday, July 19, 2009

Diet Coke

diet coke Pictures, Images and Photos Today I sit with Josie and we enjoy her very first ever Diet Coke. I don't let us drink much pop and never cola... being a western girl as I am it's not even pop, it's all called Coke, even 7-up. She loves it. Of course she does, Diet Coke is a very. good. thing.

On a side note, Marie's voice tremors at times because her diaphragm is a little weak and easily tired. She can still breath okay. It sounds much scarier than it is. Even though there is a tremor sometimes she will still be able to speak. She will not loose her voice. And what a beautiful voice it is.

I have been sitting in the sun... :) Little Mama is snoozing upstairs half under a blanket and fully under the ceiling fan... We found some dry wheat to cut 20 miles north (it rained a lot on Friday evening).

Today is a good day. I will make hot ham & swiss for dinner.... with a side of cherries, bundle up my kids and go to the field.

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clarissa said...

praying for you all... for new baby too! *hugs*

The VW's said...

Try giving her the real thing...I try not to drink pop very often,(Yes, I call it pop, being from the north.) but when I do, forget about diet...YUCK!

As for your calling every type of pop Coke, that it so funny! My dad and all of his family do this too! They live in southern Indiana. My husband and I always joke about this!

We go to their house and they say "You want a Coke?" We say, "Sure." And they say, "Do you want Coke, rootbeer, etc....?" It's so funny how different speech is throughout the U.S.!

Glad to hear that you are having a good and relaxing day! Love, Hugs and Prayers!!!

Cathryn said...

Hi Shan, I found your blog through a caringbridge site. I really like your honest and funny style of writing. Your family is lucky to have you. Having lived in suburbia all my life I have long fantasized about living on a farm. Your pictures of the wheat have me mesmorized. Perhaps we could change places for a while. There are 2 targets and 3 walmarts within 10 miles.
I have been reading blogs about children for quite a while. It has lead me to do home health/respitenursing for children. I am a neonatal nurse practitioner as my regular job. I only mention that because of your comment about having trouble trusting a newcomer. All my families feel that way. My agency has me 'train' for 1 or 2 days until we are all comfortable. Perhaps you could ask about the orientation process and see if you can get to know a caregiver first. Also, you may want to check if you have to be away while a caretaker is there. I have often done respite while the family was home resting or doing regular stuff. I know you have a new baby coming and could use the assistance. I hope all goes well with the new baby.Thanks for sharing your story.

Sarah said...

Everything is coke in my neck of the woods too.