Tuesday, July 28, 2009


What to catch up on since my last post.... we finished cutting wheat. Luke was rained out Friday night with 20 acres of downed wheat left to go (it had been rained on hard enough previously that the wheat was laying flat on the ground making for slow going. He was going about 2 miles an hour through the field to pick it up). He went back out on Saturday and was done in an hour.

Saturday night we got to hang out with some good friends and see our Godson B who give his own meaning to adorable. Marie and Jo had a blast with them and can't wait until they make the move to our Home Town.

Sunday Marie woke up and just wasn't right. I didn't know if it was the late night before or what exactly was up with her. We went to church together, we hadn't been through harvest. It was nice to be there, nice to take communion. Nice to hear the Word... I needed it more than I realized. I was having a rough morning though, crying for who knows what reason and worried about whatever was making Marie different. We had lunch with Luke's family, and sister S and her husband and hung out with our other Godson G.

After nap time and everyone had gone home it was obvious something was up with Rie. She would not let us pick her up and hold her on our chest with her right side of her face resting against us. Instead she'd throw her head back. I touched her everywhere and soon I knew it was her right ear, she'd jerk back every time I tried to touch it and her little eyes were full of tears. Thinking ear infection or something to that effect I called the hospital and decided to treat with Tylenol until I could get her in to the clinic Monday morning.

Sure enough, she has an outer ear infection or swimmers ear. No big deal right? Normal kid ailment, we can totally handle this. Only, Rie is not a normal kid. On top of what must be a terrible ear ache she's been sleeping a lot. Monday, after napping 4 hours from 1-5 I woke her up. I was giving her her bolus of water and she couldn't keep her eyes open and was literally passing out in my arms. Luckily Luke was home and whisked her up, changed her diaper and got all the toys out in her room waking her up and shaking her out of whatever was going on. She must be watched closely.

Just a hard reminder that something as normal as swimmers ear can take it's toll on Rie. Luckily she's been a regular girl today with lots of smiles, talking, some giggling, lots of bossing around Josie and the other girls at gymnastics practice and her general animosity towards her car seat. She also is laying on the right side of her face. Praise God for small blessings. We are doing ear drops for seven days, she hates them.

So, aside from that bump in the road all is well. The 27th was a hard day, thinking back a year ago. Prayers for L, for his Mom and family.

Josie is begging for some Josie time while Marie is napping and I need to vacuum about a field's worth of stickers out of the carpet of my car so I'd better run!

37 weeks today :) Luke is betting that I have the baby in 2 weeks, I'm thinking it will hold out for the entire 3. Went and checked the lists at the school today, Josie's in kindergarten, we know what kids will be with her in class. I'm not ready for that and she's SO excited. I can't believe summer is nearly over.... Hoping to squeeze some fun things in for the girls these last few weeks before the baby comes!
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The VW's said...

Sorry Marie hasn't been feeling well! Glad to hear that she is on the mend! Gavin's been sick too and I'm beginning to think it may be his ears as well. I hate when my precious boy gets sick! And, I hate hearing that your sweet girl was feeling so rotten too!

Happy 37 weeks! Praying the last weeks go by wonderfully for you and your family!

We got your package and LOVE IT!!! What a great idea! They are working out great for Gavin! I used to roll up blankets and this is so much easier! And, they totally match his stoller too! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

Love and Hugs!!!