Thursday, July 23, 2009

They love-

Josie loves, loves, loves-
  • Swimming
  • S'mores
  • Bob Marley (still)
  • drawing
  • her sister
  • twirling
  • building tents out of the coffee table
  • riding in the combine
  • Bunny
  • going out to eat

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Marie loves, loves, loves-

  • ice cream
  • her sister
  • Daddy
  • sleeping in mommy/daddy bed
  • dancing
  • her bird blanket
  • reading books
  • going someplace (until she realizes she has to be strapped into her car seat to get there)
  • peachy o's
  • bath time

Peachy Pictures, Images and Photos
They both love mermaids. This morning I dressed Marie in a hand-me-down tanktop with a mermaid embroidered on the front.
Josie, as soon as she saw it: "Mommy, I LOVE that tank top, I want one like that".
Me: "Josie, it used to be yours when you were two".
Josie: "Well, I love it and I need it now".
Me: "I don't think it will fit you".
Tears begin to well up in her eyes and she does that thing with her mouth that lets me know she might just wail about this tank top issue.

Me: "I'm sure Marie would let you touch her mermaid whenever you want". Add that to my list of sentences I never thought I'd say.

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2awesomekidz said...

Oh 5 year old's! Funny, glad everyone is doing well ans so very happy!

The VW's said...

So cute!!!

Kirstie said...

your little family is so cute!!

greenbaglady said...

Funny you had a hand me down shirt incident, I had one almost verbatim last week.
I put Sawyers favorite Hulk shirt on Noey and he got mad. I told him he grew and now it fits Noey. (It was a 2T lol) Just to prove it didn't fit him anymore, I let him try it on. He couldn't get it over his head :(
He cried but he understood.
He can admire it from a different view now haha :)