Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Better today.

Princess Sarah is just fine... no ear infection, she does have a slight cold and is teething.  She also is a little clingy but apparently babies do this between five and twelve months (it is amazing how quickly your forget).  He also said she's tall for her age and with those blue eyes and blond hair is going to be a knockout.  He spent a lot of time reassuring me...  He said mothers who have been through less often just need reassurance... so right now I'm feeling pretty normal.  It's warmer out, I walked the dog for a long time, had coffee with a friend this morning, ate some chocolate and my master bathroom might be completely tiled by evening... Today is better, and I am remembering that I am blessed.


Holly said...

Love you Shan! You are a great mommy. Your girls are lucky to have you.
Hope the room is tiled and you are eating more chocolate! ;) Eat a piece for me.

Bugg's mama said...

I just read Marie's story. So sweet & touching. I have a special boy, too. Thank you for sharing.

Love, Bree

The VW's said...

Glad to hear it! Love and Hugs!!!

Maria said...

Hi, It is so funny how you write about being so anxious and worried. The day my Bernadette died she started the day with a gray cast to her skin especially her face. I will never in my entire life forget that color. Well after my Matt was born soooo many nights I would wake that poor child up from a sound sleep because I just knew he was gray and this was it something was going to happen to him too. I was just forever waiting for the "other shoe to drop". Unfortunately we know what the pain of losing a child is we don't have the leisure of saying "that can't happen to me" because it has. We are so afraid of that happening again that we do go a little crazy. But after a while the intense worrying and anxiety will calm down. Unfortunately it will never go away. Someone asked me once what my favorite sound was and I said the sound of the front door closing meaning my boys are home safe and sound. take each day one at a time and pray, God is good He does do everything for a reason and in order for us to not lose our minds completly we have to believe that we our whole beings!! Prayers and love are sent to you and your family and also hoping Sarah feels better soon!!!! Maria

Val said...

I am glad to hear that she is better and that her behavior is well adapted for what she is feeling! Her poor little gums! You are right, it doesn't take long for us to forget the stages of what and when. Reassurance is looming as I am sure that you will feel like this for a long time...thanks to Maria for explaining her feelings to us! Gives us the picture of what you all must be feeling. Your family is constantly in our thoughts and prayers! Enjoy those wonderful walks....your time to think of whatever you need...or dream!