Monday, January 28, 2008

4 years old...

Josie's birthday was awesome. She had her party on Saturday night at Schmidt's. She loved that we had pizza, and her cake looked wonderful (it was white and pink with tiny pink and yellow roses and a picture of Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty on it, I have pics but of course I still haven't fixed my computer so I can't post them yet). Anyway, she had a blast.

Everyone completely spoiled her, we are really lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful family and friends. She got to name a few things: a gift "ther-trif-ic-kit" to Inklings Book Store, a Little Spout Cabbage Patch Doll that went to church with us Sunday morning, a really beautiful necklace with a busy bee on it, just like Josie. She also got tons of coloring books, a big floor coloring/painting mat with Barbie from her friends Brittney and Kayla. I have to say "friends" because now that Josie is grown up and 4 she informed me that she doesn't need babysitters anymore.

Sunday morning the entire church sang happy birthday to Josie, then afterwards we got Chinese food and her Grandma Judy came from Greeley. Her Aunt Stacey and Uncle Glendon were already here with cousin Gavin, and together with Papa Steve we had a nice afternoon. Josie got a leap-pad from Grandma J that she loves, and I think we'll use her birthday money to buy a few more books when we're in Denver next week (back to Children's, hooray!).

All in all it was a really good weekend, Marie did good at the party and yesterday afternoon (Sunday morning was really rough for her though). I cannot believe my baby girl is 4! She tells me next week she'll be 5 and she'd really like another pizza party!

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Max and Ben's Mom said...

They grow up fast enough as it is. Do they really have to make it weekly? They say the darnedest things though. Too much fun.