Thursday, January 10, 2008

Quick Update

I don't have a lot of time this morning, but I wanted to update everyone.

I managed to get our appointments with Cardiology and Opthamology scheduled. We'll be doing a marathon of appointments on February 4 & 5, but I'd rather that than have to go to Denver once a week. So, we have metabolic, opthamology, and cardiology squared away. We should also be able to get an MRI on the 5th, I'm going to call again and confirm that.

Josie has her Ear/Nose/Throat appt on Friday, we'll be talking ear tube removal and adenoid removal, tons of fun, but she needs those tubes out. She's been a really good girl lately, she's finally over her jealousy of Marie needing to sleep in our bed. She doesn't care much anymore. She also went through our toy boxes with me and we have a ton of toys to give away (if anyone knows a family that could use some girl toys please let me know). She finally seemed to grasp that there are kids who are not as fortunate as she is in the toy department, she was very giving. Pretty big deal for a three year old. I was proud of her for letting go of her toys.

Marie is doing okay. She's smiley still most of the time. We've had some more inconsolable crying spells and our doctor has put her on Zantac again. He thinks it sounds like reflux, and maybe it is... I'm willing to try the medicine in hopes that maybe it will make her more comfortable. Tylenol definitely does not seem to help it.

Marie also no longer takes the pacifier. She just can't suck well enough to keep it in her mouth so we've sort of given up. She's also having harder time standing, her feet turn in really badly. We are going to meet with the orthopedics guy at Children's to find out about bracing her ankles to help her. She's not close to walking at all but she enjoys standing and I'd like to see her be able to continue it for as long as she can.

We're still trying to keep her moving as much as possible, when I do yoga in the morning I put her into some of the poses with me just to keep her tendons loose. She's not rolling over as much now, I think it's just harder, but we're trying to figure out how to encourage her. The problem is that if she's content she's happy just to lay on her back. I almost need to make her mad a little bit to get her rolling.

She is also now 16lbs, 12 ounces! That means sweet Marie has gained 6 ounces in the last month. She's been vomiting a lot less so I think it can be attributed to that, either way, we're happy.

Hope every one's doing well and adjusting to the new year. I still keep writing '07 on everything... I probably will until July.

Thanks to everyone who's helped us out lately, and who's praying for us. Much love- Shan

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