Thursday, January 03, 2008


Doctors annoy me. Not all of them, but a good many of them I'm beginning to learn just assume everyone else knows what they do. I have finally learned after a month of leaving messages that I must get our family doctor to get me the referrals to the cardiologist and opthamologist that Marie needs to begin monitoring her heart and eyes. Apparently it is not possible for the metabolic Dr's at Children's to make referrals to other parts of the hospital, my doctor here at home must do that. Stupid red tape....

So, I am on a mission to get these appointments scheduled now. I also am on a mission to get another MRI, something I feel is necessary as Marie seems to be having some pain now and I want to see that everything is known and being done to make her life as easy as possible. I am prepared to have a tantrum in order to get it. I have a very good teacher, Josie throws fantastic tantrums.

Happy news also, insurance has agreed to pay for Marie's RSV shots!!! Apparently we are really lucky in this, the doctor at Children's said a lot of people have not had any luck getting the shot covered for their kids. We really didn't have any trouble, and I'm so glad for that. She will get these shots once a month through May.

Marie herself is doing okay. New Years Day was wonderful, some good friends gave us the opportunity to take her out and I think she really enjoyed herself. We are so lucky to have good people and good family surrounding us.

Yesterday was okay, but in the evening she vomited again, hard this time. We were worried that she may have gotten a bit in her lungs, but she seems to be okay. She threw up twice, the second time her stomach seemed to contract and not release. It was horrible, she was in a lot of pain. As soon as it subsided though she was smiling again. She amazes me, I am constantly learning from her. This is one of the reasons though I feel compelled to really push for another MRI. I am no scientist, but I had enough in college to know that the stomach is smooth muscle, and that falls into the category of intestines, heart, etc. All these involuntary movements controlled by the brain... I explained this to our case worker today and am hopeful that when she takes it to the doctors they will see my concern as justifiable.

This is new to me, advocating for my child. I suppose I have before for Josie, just not as aggressively as I must for Marie. I feel very driven to be aggressive though, Luke refers to it as Mama Bear. Roarrrrrr ;)

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Britt said...

You go for Shan! You know you were always meant to be Mom - even for me and Jess, remember? Let us know if you need any more bitchy girls to gang up on those doctor's with you - I'm sure I could get Jess to volunteer with me! Love you all! Happy New Year!