Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Monday

Marie's been doing much better! Saturday and Sunday I kept strictly to our schedule of napping between 1-2 and gave her morning meds a wee bit later. No nasty movement episodes, and most importantly, no freaky breathing!

This morning I have an appointment to check up on Baby, then we're off to the new house to finish cleaning the kitchen. My most wonderful baby sitter B will be here this afternoon and I'll finish cleaning the new place and then moving begins in earnest. Goal is to be in by Friday, moving major pieces of furniture (read Luke's pool table) Saturday!

Busy week but we are all well, my girls are happy and Rie is doing better so I can't complain. I am just going to be so much more careful about keeping that little Mama on her schedule in the future. Then again, she is 2... Josie was hell on wheels if she got mixed up with her day when she was 2!

Here are the girls this morning, Marie is all smiles and laughing (thank you all so much for praying for her!) and Josie well, she's a diva. Then there's me, or rather baby. Nearly 32 weeks! Can you believe it??!!

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Michaelene said...

don't be messin' with toddlers schedules, lady!! =) Glad to hear that's what the upset was. Very fixable, good job Mama.
gorgeous babies, all of you are!

DESJ and Company said...

Glad to hear Marie is doing better...
You look great!

The VW's said...

Cute pictures!!! So glad to hear that Marie is doing better! What a blessing! Hope your move goes well, don't work yourself too hard!