Monday, June 01, 2009

Wild Olive Tees

So, I added a new button to my sidebar. Wild Olive Tee's is having a contest and I'm entering and would love to win! Have you seen these? I found them because MckMama blogged about them and in checking out the website I have to say, they're about the coolest t-shirts. I actually caved and bought one, No. Thing. It's comfy and soft and covering my nearly 30 week baby belly pretty nicely. They're 100% organic, and while I don't go in for that sort of thing (we don't farm organic so I really find myself in a quandary about the whole organic debate) but I suppose that's a nice perk if you care about it.

I have more favorites picked out so here's hoping I win their contest!

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Also, I have lots of pics from Landon's Hope on Saturday, I'll post about it and show off the pictures this afternoon (that's my plan anyway)!!!

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Amie@WildOlive said...

Thanks for posting and displaying our Wild Olive button. You have been entered into our giveaway!

So glad the shirt fit!! My SIL is 8 weeks from her due date and she can still wear her shirts! :)