Friday, June 12, 2009

Saturday, garage sale day.

So, tomorrow will be my very first ever garage sale experience. Me and my dear friend C are doing this together, thank goodness! Hopefully everything goes:) If you're in the area and are interested we have lots of kids clothes between us. 8:30 to whenever. Josie and her best buddy A will be selling raspberry lemonade.

To sum up my week:

New house, carpets cleaned.
Marie fights sleep. Nightly.
I've lost my feet somewhere below my belly.
Josie is so busy, to have that energy!
Fuzz from cottonwood trees everywhere. One word. Allergies.
Mmmmm, watermelon.
New house, old house, new house, old house, laundry, dinner... it's like some twisted merry go round.
Wondering why my petunias don't look as full and thriving as all the others I see....

Rie is finally asleep, I'm off to bed!



The VW's said...

Sounds like you've been busy! Hope that Marie starts sleeping better and that your sale goes great! Have a great weekend!

clarissa said...

Hi Shan! keeping you all in my prayers... i know how you are feeling with a new baby coming and all. it all works out and God gives strength! oh how sweet marie is... i love seeing the pictures! give her love from me. :) praying always.... *hugs*