Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Moving, finally!

Yesterday I packed the first box and took it to the new house! This has been a long time coming. Carpets are cleaned, I need to finish washing kitchen and utility room cabinets and then we're done with cleaning. I'm going to work on slowly moving over small, non essential stuff. Like, Josie's entire closet. That kid has more clothes....

So, we're moving!

Yesterday I took Jo to swim lessons at 5 and Marie and I got in the pool too! This was Marie's first time in the swimming pool and she loved it. The moment we were in she started talking and yelling and didn't stop smiling the entire time. She got chilly after about 15 minuets so we weren't in long but she adored every minuet. As soon as she was warm again she wanted back in. Stinker.

Sunday we went to Home Depot and stopped at McDonald's for dinner after. Josie got to play on the play place and after she was done, Daddy helped Marie play too. They have a piano that kiddos can walk on and Daddy helped her "walk" her tiny feet across. She was so funny, and huge smiles the entire time.

I am so grateful for the moments we get to see her doing normal kid stuff. Its amazing how a trip to the pool or playing at McDonald's are such huge deals for Marie. She is after all a normal kid, and I'm grateful for Luke and for the opportunity to help her do regular kid things.

So, we're moving and I will be a busy Mama this week. This morning we need to get rolling because I'm going to the beauty shop to get my eyebrows done (finally, yay!) and then Jo has gymnastics and I'm going to try to fit a little cabinet scrubbing in there too!

It's been cooler and rainy here. This is perfect weather for filling the heads on the wheat, and it looks beautiful. If you can imagine, it's like the fields around the Emerald City. Miles and miles of emerald green. We've had a few more severe thunderstorms but luckily everything has missed us so far and we haven't seen the White Combine as Luke calls it (hail). Lord, please don't jinx us by my saying it out loud.

I had my two week checkup for Baby last Thursday and all is still looking good. We're 31 weeks today, 9 weeks until Baby arrives.

Ugh! I'd better get moving! Nothing like racing around like a crazy woman (truth be known I love every minuet and so does Rie, she loves being busy)!


2awesomekidz said...

So greateful that all is going so well for you guys! Good luck on the moving and hope to see you guys soon!

Michaelene said...

Moving, moving! Better you, than me, my friend - that's all I can say. Good luck with the remainder - I'll be thinking of you whilst I watch these little bears playing in the sand and mommy soaks up some much needed humidity =0)

I'm so very glad to read of Marie's health. Praise God! Pool sounds like it was a lot of fun.

See ya soon! M...

The VW's said...

Hope your move goes well! Glad to hear that things are going well for all of you! HUGS!