Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year

We are getting ready to greet 2010... beginning a new year, a new life of sorts, and being dragged foreward without Marie.  I have no idea what the new year will hold.  To be honest, I am dreading 2010.  At least 2009 had Rie in it.  It was her best year, and then at the end of summer she flew.  My best and worst year of my life.  I am not ready to say goodby to that yet.  But time marches forward and as I am learning, I do not have the power to control it.  So onward I go.

This song makes me think of my Little Mama, expecially the last two verses... This is how I would like to live my life from now on.

Untitled Hymn by Chris Rice

Weak and wounded sinner
Lost and left to die
O, raise your head, for love is passing by
Come to Jesus
Come to Jesus
Come to Jesus and live!

Now your burden's lifted
And carried far away
And precious blood has washed away the stain, so
Sing to Jesus
Sing to Jesus
Sing to Jesus and live!

And like a newborn baby
Don't be afraid to crawl
And remember when you walk
Sometimes we
Fall on Jesus
Fall on Jesus
Fall on Jesus and live!

Sometimes the way is lonely
And steep and filled with pain
So if your sky is dark and pours the rain, then
Cry to Jesus
Cry to Jesus
Cry to Jesus and live!

O, and when the love spills over
And music fills the night
And when you can't contain your joy inside, then
Dance for Jesus
Dance for Jesus
Dance for Jesus and live!

And with your final heartbeat
Kiss the world goodbye
Then go in peace, and laugh on Glory's side, and
Fly to Jesus
Fly to Jesus
Fly to Jesus and live! 

She is dancing for Jesus, and I can't be sad about that.  I just need to figure out how to get by without her... 
May you all have a blessed new year.


The VW's said...

It must be so difficult to balance your emotions! On one hand, you are happy for Marie, but on the other hand, life without her must feel unbearable.

I pray that 2010 is a blessed year for you and your family! I will be thinking of you and praying! Love, Hugs and Prayers!!!

Anonymous said...

one of my favorite songs.

fervently in prayer for your family...much grace in 2010...