Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Such big stuff!

Little Miss is getting to be such big stuff that is!  As of Saturday she is crawling!
I am so amazed by how she grows and how quickly she changes.  In many ways Luke and I are like first time parents all over again.

With Josie we didn't fully appriciate the miracle before our eyes.  With Marie we struggled so hard.  From 5 months of age on things were hard and we fought for every little thing.  Those struggles made every joy so much sweeter, and it is one of the many gifts we gained by having Marie in our lives.

Now with Sarah, she is crawling. She is cutting teeth (we're up to three now).  It is a blessing and an answered prayer.  She is beginning to pull up, move around, explore the world around her.  It comes so easily to her.  Bittersweet to see her doing things Marie never could and yet it is such a special thing to know how precious this growth is and not be worried.  To just enjoy her getting bigger, doing new things.  It's fun.  And so is she. 


ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Look at her, she is growing up so fast! :)

Jen said...

she is adorable.. I am the same, I think for Cayden I rushed it and did not "appreciate" it and then Ella never got to do any of the milestones..take it all in mom :)

clarissa said...

praise the Lord for this wonderful blessing!! :) Sarah is beautiful!