Saturday, May 17, 2008

Funny Things Josie Says...

"It's amazing, like a chrysalis". What?! You're 4! I actually had to look it up to remember what a chrysalis was. It's amazing what she picks up! If you're like me, you can read up on a chrysalis here:

"Eeew, please stop that". Overheard while Luke kissed me good by.

"It was a kiss, and kissing means love". Josie on her friend Max, who kissed her over a month ago (and she's still talking about it).


"Stop it Marie, stop kicking me. Mom, Marie is being MEAN"! Josie tattles now, a lot.

"My tummy hurts, I need something to make it feel better. Something like jelly beans".

"I have gloves now, so I am a real gardener!" We actually found her size gardening gloves at WalMart, not only do they fit but they are purple and have Dora the Explorer on them. They are the most awesome gardening gloves that ever were.

"Mickey is my favorite friend". Overheard while she was happy with my younger brother.

"I called him, and called him! I called him six times, why didn't he answer his phone. I AM SO MAD! I'm going to call him and ask him why he won't answer his phone". Just let that last sentence sink in. This was overheard while she was mad at Mickey. She never got hold of him that morning, and when she finally did get him in the afternoon she was so mad about his not answering in the morning she called him a Dirty Hippie and hung up on him. I think he felt bad.

"Go pour yourself some wine from the frig-i-gator!" When Josie whines (it happens a lot) Luke and I tease her and tell her we'll get her a cup to pour that "wine" out in. She now uses this response, but, it gets her to stop whining. Mostly because she's annoyed and starts yelling.

"Mom, do not sing your songs, they are not funny. They are embarrassing." She told me this last night when I was singing her a silly song. I felt a little silly....

"You know what? We don't buy enough of jelly beans".


Milk Mama said...

That's so cute! I had a good laugh and read some of my favorites to my MIL and hubby! :D

Mindy Pfohl said...

That is so adorable! I love it! Miss Abby has those same gloves that we just bought tonight! They don't look new any more though! Ha! :) Have a great rest of the weekend! -Mindy

Violet said...

Hi! Josie sounds like and adorable an brilliant child!

I went to visit my Dad this weekend and visited a church plant I am praying about joining. We sang a worship song that has been on my heart all weekend. When I got home and had my computer once again, I felt God tell me to post it for you, here are the lyrics:

Come to the light...

I'm standing her to testify, "Oh the Lord is good"

To sing of how you changed my life "Oh the lord is good"

I was bound by hate and pride "oh the lord is good"

never knowing of this light "Oh the lord is good"

I do not think I could have peace "Oh the lord is good"

trapped inside by fear and shame "Oh the lord is good"

you wiped away all of my grief "Oh the lord is good"

when I believed upon your name "Oh the lord is good"

Come to the light come as you are
you can be the friend of God
Humble yourself give him your heart
He will meet you where you care

Come tot he light just as you are
fall on the rock for the wasted years
he will restore all that was lost
surrender now, his power is here

Patyrish said...

She says some pretty awesome things...I am laughing.

Love the "dirty hippy" and "jelly beans for her tummY" comments.

Too cute.

Kirstie said...

Ok those were too funny!! And when I see your little brother I will make sure to call him a dirty hippie!! LOVE IT

Prayers for your whole family
Kirstie B.