Friday, May 02, 2008

Home Again

Josie's surgery went just fine! She did great, they did take her adenoids out because they were huge, and she was a little nauseous from the anesthesia but other than that, no problems.

It's snowing here today and I'm wondering when spring will show up. Marie did great with the trip to the front range, hopefully we can get some answers next week from yet another EEG. I'm getting tired of the doctors.

Luke is home today, so I'm going to clean the house and I think we'll have the family sausage and mac'n'cheese for dinner (me cook! I know, craziness).

I just wanted to let everyone know Josie's ear tube removal surgery went great and she's doing pretty good.

I'll leave you with some crab-apple blossoms, to celebrate my tree blooming:) These aren't mine, mine look a lot rougher than this all beaten by the snow and wind. I did brave it this morning in my pj's to cut some branches which are now in a vase in the dining room so that we can enjoy the flowers a little bit.... this is May.. what the heck. Anyway, enjoy:) They are so pretty! Have a great weekend~

Pink Crabapple tree blossoms

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