Tuesday, May 20, 2008

This week

This week finds us "stable". Marie hasn't had a fever in a few days, the weekend was good. Luke stayed home and Josie and I got our flowers in. I hope I didn't bite of more than I can chew, I have about 15 pots spread around... lots of watering!

Luke's Aunt Peggy and Uncle Rick were here. Aunt Peg got some precious time with Marie, it was pretty special for me to watch.

Josie's recital is Friday night at 6pm at the High School Auditorium. We're excited for that. I think it will be chaos, I really don't think she'll know her dance without the teacher in front of her doing it too, but whatever, it will be fun. Her dress is purple, she is excited to wear it.


All in all, we're doing pretty good. This disease that Marie fights definitely has it's ups and downs. Its a roller coaster, but the thing is, I've never been a roller coaster girl. I'm more of a merry go round chick....

Hope everyone has a wonderful week! Much love~


Mindy Pfohl said...

You know, I'm with you! Merry go rounds would be so much better! I'm not a roller coaster chick either! Today has freyed my nerves!!! I've too many of the hills! :) Feeling a little quizy! Ha! Glad for the special time and that things are going well! Hang in! -Mindy

Anonymous said...

I am praying for you everyday, and your sweet little Marie. Your blog and your open heart and faith have been such a blessing to me and to my little family. I am so glad to hear Marie is having a good week!!!! I hope Josie's recital is great, and that she has fun!!! We just went to my 4 year old niece's ballet recital this past Sunday in rockford, IL, and it was so sweet to see her. With love and constant prayers from a fellow merry-go-round mommy....Erica in IL

Patyrish said...

Sorry I havent been around much, we just got a foster baby and I am adjusting going from one baby to two! ACK!

I can't wait to see pics from the recital, she will have so much fun and I am sure it is going to be super cute.

Kiss your babies from me and Makily.

Milk Mama said...

I hope Josie has a great time at her recital. She is such a sweetie. I don't think anyone would like this kind of rollercoaster. But you are never alone on this rollercoaster, no matter how you spell it. ;)

Danielle said...

Hoorah for stable! Stable is great! Good luck to Josie at her recital. Have fun watering those plants!
Thinking of you and your family and Marie!