Friday, October 10, 2008

Far too early to be awake...

Sometimes, I am overcome by the desire to hire a nanny. They could change all the diapers, stay up late, but most importantly be the one to get up really. really. early. Then again, I'd probably hate it and fire them within 10 minuets because I was jealous of sharing my kids!

Yesterday we doubled the dose of Diazepam. Last night it seemed to work, Marie was really tired, having had a rough night before and then partied like a rock star all through nap time, and was out by 9:30. I put her to bed between Luke and I, and she did not cough all night long! I know that God heard everyone on that one! But, she woke up at 4am having episode after episode of stiffness. I gave her another dose of Diazepam and she's finally dozing now (it's 6:10)...

Thank goodness Luke will be home to help me this afternoon! Josie is going to ride on the preschool float in the homecoming parade today, and that little Mama is so excited it's not even funny. Christy is making her a Dragons t-shirt and she has all her green and yellow hair clips ready to go. I love that baby. She doesn't have to do anything and she just cheers me up.

So, as I mentioned, it's 6:10 and this would be easier to handle it the sun was up. Is it really that time of year already? We boxed our shorts and tank tops up, because well, we're from Colorado and if we don't put it away come a warm day in January we may be tempted to put them on. Josie and I could wear flip flops all year round if our feet wouldn't get wet...

I suppose it is that time of year though. Yesterday at soccer practice it was just cold, and we did get our Halloween decorations out yesterday (they're not up, but they are out!)... The last year went by way too fast.

So, anyway, I have a new look:) And Ragan over at Blogger Boutique made me a present! I now have my very own "button" that you can take and put on your blog if you pray for Marie! The button is located in the column to the right. It's perfect, it's flashy, and at the end it shows her sweet little face:) I experimented this morning and it works on pages other than blogger, so any place you can use html your all set! I think it's wonderful!

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Michaelene said...

Dang it, dang it! I am so sorry to hear about all of this madness surrounding the med change. Sweet baby has been on my mind in a seemingly constant state - I called Sophia by Marie's name yesterday - she looked at me and then smiled as though she knew. Honey, I'm praying for both of you, for ALL of you. Don't drink too much coffee, you're better off drinking green tea or chai ... won't make you think you're loosing your mind with jitters :)
I'm going to try to take flowers to the Lady of Guadalupe today with intentions for Marie...I'll take pictures and send them to you.
My love to you all, great big hugs from me to you. You are such an amazing Mama!
Oh, Josie -- have a super fun time on the float! Be sure you wave the princess wave! We love you, honeys.