Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Sometimes we don't do much of anything but still wind up having a really. good. day.












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Holly said...

I love it! This was a beautiful day. :)

2awesomekidz said...

Great pictures!! I love you guys took in all the sun today! I cannot beleive the beautiful weather we are having and for halloween too!! You look great!
Stay strong, enjoy the weather and we will all keep praying for laughter out of that sweet girl!

Your Crested Butte Realtor said...

Shan, Marie looks so happy in these pictures. Whatever it is you are doing--keep it up! She is beautiful and so are you. Of course, Josie is precious as well. Glad to see you enjoying the beautiful weather!

Tamara said...

ok can I just say that I thought that Marie was the one jumping in the pile of leaves for a second there! Love the photo of you, you are beautiful inside and OUT!

Violet said...

Her smile (Marie's) blesses me so much.

A Farmer's Wife said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures!!! It looks like a beautiful Fall day as well!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful images. Thank you for sharing your precious family.

Michaelene said...

Precious, precious girls! What a beautiful blessed day it looks like you guys had ... I can't believe you're wearing flippies, didn't it just snow?! Did you cut Marie's hair? It looks like she has a perfect little bob going on ... super duper cutey pie.
Love the homegrown punkins on the front steps, very festive little family ;-)

The VW's said...

Precious! What great pictures! I love a beautiful Fall day! I'm so happy that you guys were able to enjoy the day together! Thanks for sharing, this brought a smile to my face!

BTW, Love the new music! Lets see if I wake up singing it some day! :)

Tiffany & Jeff said...

I can not believe how big Josie looks! The smile on both of your girls is contagious! Glad to hear and see Marie is healthy and happy!

BTW, that is a great picture of you too!!!