Monday, October 27, 2008


Last Thursday it happened... it snowed! A big snow, the kind that keeps you inside, and the wind just howls and those fat white flakes drift all about.

Last Thursday was also Luke's birthday so we stayed home and spoiled him rotten.

His birthday was wonderful, and it was extra special I think because we spent that day in the hospital last year. This year, everything just seemed so much better, I spent the day being grateful.

Today I took Marie for her first RSV shot of the season. She didn't cry but did scowl and have a brief "episode" when she got the shot. Within moments though she wanted to nurse and smiled and talked to me while she waited. Stinker. The big news from today though, is that Marie has finally broken 19 lbs! She is now 19lbs, 4 oz. I am so proud of her. For some reason, she gets enough to eat, but it has been a struggle for her to gain weight. I believe I actually screamed and jumped up and down when the scale flashed the number, I was that happy.

Josie cannot wait for Halloween and her very first classroom party. I am bringing some goodies for that, and she's just over the moon. It makes me glad that it takes so little to make her happy, she's going to be the most beautiful butterfly in the world. Marie will be a monster, and she'll be helping Dad pass out candy that night. If you want to see her in her tights and onesie head over to our house;)

Not much going on here, we're just doing good, and I'll take it:) I'm feeling grateful for a lot of things lately... This is not the most organized post, and it's time to begin the bath time marathon here, so I had better run! Wishing everyone a wonderful week!

Those are the pumpkins from our garden, Josie is incredibly proud that she and her Daddy grew those!

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melinda said...

Okay so you are getting snow and I just got the last tomatos off the vine as we are supposed to get our first frost this year!! I am freaking out b/c it is supposed to be 35 tonight and you have snow!! I should stop my complaining!! The picture of Luke and Marie warms my heart!! And I love knowing that she still nurses! I am such a fan of extended nursing, my family thinks I'm nuts!! And this post is all over the place too!!! Take care and I am keeping you all in my prayers!

A Farmer's Wife said...

I can't believe you had snow!!! I am so ready for one of those days!!! Wow!!! I am also so glad that your girls are doing so well!!! You are poised, courageous & very inspiring!

Holly said...

I can't believe it snowed!!! Tell Luke we said Happy Birthday! :)Hope you guys have a great week.

Michaelene said...

Brrrrrr...those pictures make me want to build a great big fire and make smores (not ghetto smores, Josie, real smores ;))
Happy Belated Birthday, Luke!! Sounds like you guys really got to enjoy the day, this year.
Hiphiphooray Marie!! You're getting to be such a big girl ... you really outweigh Soph now! good job, Mama.
Shan, I got your msg. on Saturday we were at soccer. I hope Josie will still fit into those tees this next spring (this is the dang box that I've had since SUMMER!!) seeing as how it's all snowy up there.
Ok, blah, blah, blah - I'll try to phone you a bit later!
My love and prayers are with all of you, always!

The VW's said...

Brrr! Looks cold! We are supposed to get a little snow here today. :(

I'm glad to hear that things are going well at your house!

Oh, and I wanted to tell you that I woke up this morning singing the song on your blog and I can't get it out of my head! So, thank your daughter for me for that! :)

God Bless You!