Thursday, October 09, 2008


Last night was the first night on the new med, Diazepam. I think the dose it too low, it was not a good night. Every time Marie would fall asleep she'd have a leg/arm jerking, rapid breathing episode and would wake up. So I'd have to go through the process of putting her back down again (read, nursing her to sleep) and we didn't get to bed until after 12. Even then while sleeping her arms and legs would jerk and she didn't really settle down until after Luke left around 4am. Sugar beet harvest started today and he's driving a truck for a buddy of his.

Josie of course was up at 8 and hopped into my bed waking both Marie and I up. I see a lot of coffee in my future.

So, I need to call neuro, try to put away the mountains of laundry that are threatening to swallow my bedroom, take a nap, be my usual fabulous self, and get dinner in the crock pot. It's good to be me;)

Other than the jerks Marie is pretty happy, although I think she might be coming down with a little head cold. Josie is doing great and very excited about riding the preschool float in the Homecoming parade tomorrow!

Sugar beet harvest started today, and Luke will be driving a truck from 4am to 2pm. It kind of sucks for him but it's great for me! We're looking forward to hanging out with him the afternoons! This should go about two weeks is the estimate... we'll see.

Thanks for all the kind words and prayers, this meds changing business is scary! Last night sitting with Marie having such a rough time was no fun, but knowing that there are so many people praying for her is huge! Thank you!

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