Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pictures, parties, ponies, and princesses.

I have so many photos to share! They go way back to January so bear with me. You might remember my new years resolution was to get photos organized, into those nifty photo books you can make on Snapfish and onto my coffee table. Well, that hasn't exactly happened. At all. I started but then I thought "If I'm gonna do this right I need to go back to Josie baby pics, start there and have everything in the photo books". That is overwhelming. I keep promising myself that I'll get that done.

Also, I started reading The Great House of God: A Home for your Heart by Max Lucado. I read this once, we were given the book as a wedding gift from the ladies of our church, but it's got a lot more meaning now. If you've never read, I recommend it. I stumbled on it the other day cleaning all the back issues of Luke's magazines out of a drawer and started thumbing through right then. Hello God, thank you .

Things are busy on the house front, there are some issues with the house we have under contract. If the seller doesn't resolve them it's looking like we may move on. We do have other options, so time will tell. This is a lesson for me, I want answers right away. I am being patient. I'm also letting Luke handle all of it, my two Mama's keep me on my toes, I don't need to have anything else be my priority at the moment.

Speaking of a little Mama, Jo's eyes are almost completely better (the eye drops they give you for pink eye are amazing!). Her ears are still very congested and she can't hear much. I've kept her home from school every day this week so far as she sort of just crashes and gets really cranky in the afternoon. Hopefully next week she'll be able to go. We have dentist appointments tomorrow and there isn't any pre-K on Fridays so maybe by Monday she'll be able to go again.

Enjoy the photos! Some are very cropped, I didn't want to share the face of the kids around them, but you get the idea:)
Ariel, at her party. So much fun!

Tinkerbell and her cousin Cinderella. They were beautiful, but other than attention from her cousin Marie wasn't too into the party. We have different plans for her birthday.

I caved and got Josie play makeup for her birthday. She got to open it up and "do" my face for me. I've never looked better.

Our wonderful friend Alicia (Gavin's Voice) sent Marie and Josie a goodies bag. Marie got the blanket she's laying on and that little pony tucked under her arm. Pony has now become our almost constant companion.

Josie did the cheer leading clinic the high school cheerleaders put on every year. To say that she loved it is an understatement. She was into it with every ounce of her being. They got to perform during halftime of the boy's varsity game and it was too cute. We're already planning on the next one.
How wonderful is he? Reading Fancy Nancy: Bonjour Butterfly with enthusiasm to two girls who are so excited they can't sit still.

Valentines Day. Josie and Marie got balloons. Josie danced about with her's while Marie waved hers around like crazy most of the morning. Every time she'd loose it she'd squeek and whine until you got it back into her hand for her.

Marie loves sitting up like a big girl. She was so funny sitting in the recliner with Luke the other night I had to get a picture. The best part about it? She's actually able to control her head a bit and catch it some when she starts to flop. It is amazing to see that.

Little Mama hanging out this morning getting her morning feed, watching cartoons and all smiles.

By the way, Winnie the Poo she's laying on came from the Avon catalog (I want to say it was about $20). It is amazing as far as a positioning tool. I think it works better than the boppy pillow and really supports her head. In addition, its fun to play with too. I have no idea if they're still selling them as we got this one at Christmas but I highly recommend it.

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RC said...

beautiful photos:) how r u feeling??

Michaelene Sargent said...

These photos are fantastic! Thank you for sharing them ... I love the little princesses for the party! I can't wait until Soph is old enough to enjoy that =) & the makeup too!
I hope things will straighten out with the house quickly. Hope you're getting some rest with that sicky little Jobug. Looks like Marie is feeling better - hope so. And I hope that you are feeling that precious little life getting bigger and bigger. I was reading about the milk thing making you sick but you're craving cereal - oh boo! I went through the SAME thing when I was preg with Sophia - cereal was my favorite but the milk, blech. I tried rice and soy milk and stuck with soy, to this day =) I love soy. I hope you'll find something so you can feed your cereal starvation! Love & prayers my friend.

The VW's said...

ADORABLE pictures of your precious girls!!! Thanks for sharing them! They made me smile! Have a great week!