Thursday, February 19, 2009


So another week has flown by. We've been busy, but unfortunately it hasn't all been fun. Yesterday we got to go to the accountant! Yippee and hooray. How I live for that. Actually, I'd take the dentist over the accountant any day of the week.

This week Luke's been doing house stuff, estimate after estimate. We're getting organized and will be making some decisions soon. As for me, I've been taking care of Marie.

Saturday her cough came back, she had just finished a cold and was good about a week when it came back with a vengeance. No congestion just a cough and you can tell she doesn't feel good. Monday I took her to the doctor because our nurse heard congestion in her lungs during her morning checkup. The doctor wasn't too worried but did put her on an antibiotic because he's worried about a secondary infection with her being sick again after appearing to kick a cold. She's been okay until today, just keeping her inside and what-not (with the exception of a little trip to gymnastics on Tuesday that she really enjoyed).

This morning she was up at 4 with a fever. I'm rotating Tylenol and Motrin, it's only low grade but I can't get it to break. Her eyes are glassy and her cheeks are flushed and you just can tell she does not feel good. It's making me nervous, because she's really acting sick where before she's been pretty happy go lucky.

Please pray this clears up soon. Our hospice nurse will be back again tomorrow morning to check her before the weekend and I'm hoping it's all going okay. I'll keep this short and sweet because she's annoyed with me and I can't put her down. My poor little Mama.

Josie is just fantastic though, on a brighter note:)

Hoping I check back in with better news!

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Olivia said...

I saw your post about tube feeding. My son is being worked up for mito disease. All the tests have been done and we are waiting - waiting for a re-do fundo and stomach hernia repair - waiting to get out of the hospital - lots of waiting. Our Joshua is three years old. How long ago did your daughter get the diagnosis? I am trying not to research too much until we know, but I can't help it. :0)

I will be praying for your sweet family!!

Blessings, Olivia

Michaelene Sargent said...

Ugh, sweetie, I'm sorry to hear about this. Hopefully, with God's Grace, this too shall quickly pass.
Hopefully the antibiotics will get into her little system quickly and get her feeling better.
My love and prayers - glad to hear the rest of you are feeling well enough to have another week blow by in a blink.

The VW's said...

Praying that you feel better soon Marie! You sweet, sweet girl!!!

The VW's said...

Praying that you feel better soon Marie! You sweet, sweet girl!!!

melinda said...

I hope Marie is feeling better soon. And that she beats this cold or whatever it is soon! Praying for her!!!

Jenna said...

Oh I hope she's feeling better