Saturday, February 14, 2009

"There will be a day"

I have to thank my friend Tamara for adding this song to her blog play list. I had looked for it forever and could never manage to find it. Until today on her list. This song is amazing.

I first heard it last fall. I had taken Marie for her first RSV shot of the season. On the drive over to the hospital I was thinking of how it just is a bummer that we have to do this. Monthly shots to keep the nasties away, worried about a winter of germs, afraid of being housebound with a child who loves to go places. Worried about so many things, and this song came on the radio. It was exactly what I needed to hear.

The next time I heard it was after another RSV shot. I was bringing Marie back home. She had her shot, and didn't cry though her eyes filled with tears. She went into one of her episodes instead and her body got stiff, her breathing became heavy and fast and she gripped my finger as tightly as she could. Afterward, she nursed and dozed while we waited a half hour to make sure she didn't go into anaphalactic shock as a result of the shot. Driving home I was close to tears, sometimes I'd give anything if she could just scream and cry again rather than the suffering in silence. Then the song came on, and my tears totally flowed but for a different reason.

Since then, I get this song. Always at random times, always when it's what I need to hear. It's almost like I can hear Him saying all the things I need to hear to carry me through those moments. I also like to think that I can see Jesus sitting in the passenger seat, and I know I'm not alone in bearing these worries.

So today I wanted to share my song with all of you. Hopefully you find the peace and comfort in it that I have found.

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On a different note, Happy Valentines Day! I have some pictures of my little Mama's this morning loving their balloons and goodies delivered by the flower shop, and I myself got a beautiful bunch of flowers and will be treated to a wonderful dinner tonight. We are going on a date if you can believe it! My wonderful Brittany is home from college for the weekend and she'll watch the girls, I am so excited about this:) Also, thank you Laura from the girls, and to Garbear and Bambi for their lovely little valentine that came in the mail. Marie played with it the entire time I cooked dinner last night, she was mesmerized by the sparkly hearts!

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The VW's said...

AWESOME SONG! Tamara turned me onto to it as well. What wonderful words, they can bring so much peace!

Happy Valentine's Day to you too! Enjoy your night out!

Michaelene Sargent said...

Yaaaaay for little Valentine's! We love you guys - have a GREAT Date night =)

Clarissa said...

On your last post... I sooo understand how you feel! Sending prayers your way! Just take one moment at a time...

I really like that song too! We hear it often on the local Christian radio station... sometimes when Abigail has screaming fits at night, we turn on the radio and listen to the Christian music, that song is always my favorite.

Thats awesome that you guys are going on a date tonight... you deserve it! *hugs* God bless you...

Holly said...

Thank you for sharing this song. I am always keeping you guys in my thoughts and prayers.