Saturday, June 19, 2010

Five minuets for Mama...

I'm taking five minuets of down time right now.

Five minuets of quiet in a cool office in a darker basement.

I've been running like crazy for the last two weeks but think the end is in sight and soon we'll be enjoying some lazy days.

The dog ate the swimming pool.  True story.  I am now in the market for a good, non-inflatable pool.

Josie was sad the day the pool was wrecked.  She remembered swimming in it with Marie last summer.  It was hard for her to let it go.  It is really hard to let go of anything that has to do with Marie...

This made me smile today...  Little Mama in January...

I miss her face...

Today was t-ball tournament day.  It was fun, long, hot...  Josie played awesome.  Sarah cheered like a tiny maniac.  We had some really good company on the sidelines...  My friend B has awesome kids.  It was fun spending time with them.

Luke hit a pheasant on the way home.  I had my eyes closed at the time and it scared the heck out of me.  I almost cussed.  *almost*

The car was okay.

We have one quarter of millet left to plant and just got another 3/10 inch of rain last night.  They're calling for thunderstorms again tonight.  I'm sort of wondering how long it will be before that drill is in the field again.

You use a drill to plant millet.  Millet is for the birds.

I got the most awesome present in the mail a few weeks ago from Canela at Cinnamon Sticks.  It's a necklace shaped like a circle with Marie's beautiful name stamped on it.  I haven't taken it off since.  Sarah loves holding it and it feels so good to show off my sweet girls beautiful name to the world.  Love it!  All her stuff is so pretty, if you click on that link I warn you.  You're gonna want to go shopping!

The wheat is starting to turn from green to gold, the combine is at the farm shop, I'm getting ready to start working on my harvest shopping list.  I still can't believe that it's that time of year.

I think my husband is taking me out for Chinese food tonight with our little ladies...

And sometime this week I want to make him these oatmeal cream pies... they look sooo yummy!

My five minuets is up!

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Val said...

Some tasty looking oatmeal cream pies! Let us know how they taste! Dogs are amazing- aren't they? Seriously! They can eat a swimming pool? Nice!

Your picture of Marie is always!