Monday, June 30, 2008

Blessed Weekend

Our weekend went so, so well. Marie did wonderfully on Saturday. We went to a bar-b-Q with family at Luke's Dad's house on Saturday night. She did well there, eating some, rolling around in her stroller, hanging with cousin Gavin. We actually stayed out until 8:30pm and she did just fine! It was wonderful.

Sunday Marie and I skipped the 10am church service to get her a good nap and then Daddy and Josie came and got us to take us to the luncheon to celebrate Zion Lutheran Church's 100th anniversary. The meal was good (as is expected, we Lutheran girls do like to cook). Afterward we got to hear Pastor Klaus speak and it was phenomenal. His message was about how God would like us to always be moving forward, in life, in our faith, etc. It definitely hit home for Luke and I as this is a time where we would like to stop in the path, hold on to life as it is, or even look back. It was a beautiful reminder that while we at times happily, fearfully, tentatively, strongly move forward in our path that God is by our side. (I don't know if that was his intended message but that's what I took from it, something that I needed to hear at this hour of my life.) He also painted a beautiful picture of how complete is Jesus' salvation, about how he knows our sins and yet we are still forgiven, how he died for each and every one in our place. I often think, if it hurts me this much to see Marie suffer, how much more it must be hurting Jesus, when he loved her so much he died for her. He must hurt even more. What love.

It was such a beautiful service and I am so glad we had the opportunity to be there as a family to listen. If you've never heard the Lutheran Hour (Pastor Klaus' weekly program) and are interested in checking it out you can just click on those words and it will take you there.

In other news, Josie and I moved the pool and re-filled it. It's all ready to go again for tomorrow when we should be over 95 degrees here. She could live in that pool I think. The child is possibly half mermaid.

She's said a lot of funny things lately but I can't recall them all at the moment. Right now she's very excited for Uncle Mickey to come help with harvest. She said that (you guessed it) "if he doesn't come then he is a dirty hippy". He probably hates it that I share that here, he is never going to get away from that nickname.

Last weekend we went and visited some friends and their daughter who is our babysitter. Her dog had puppies and there were 10 golden retrievers bouncing around in a horse stall. So adorable! Josie loved them, but later told me "puppies are very cute but they sort of stink."

The other day she was flushing the toilet and explained to me that it worked by "magic". I asked her what kind and she really couldn't say, but it was "very powerful magic". I suppose it sort of is when you think about it....

Marie is doing very well right now, we've come to a very sunny and stable place in the path. I wish that we could stop and stay here, though I know we'll have to march on. The good times are so sweet. I find myself taking a lot of pictures these days and this week I've set the goal for myself to get them off of the camera and maybe even share a few! Her hair is getting really long, and it's getting a little lighter too.

We are definitely starting this week of on a positive note! The wheat is starting to get more golden, my girls are happy, and the weather is beautiful, really, what more could a girl want? For the moment I feel so blessed and I am thankful.

Psalms 4:7 You have filled my heart with greater joy than when their grain and new wine abound.


Holly said...

I am joyful for your joy. I hope this week continues to be beautiful. Your Josie is full of life- I love hearing what she thinks of the world... the flush of a toilet is pretty magical. :) I agree with her on that!

Michaelene said...

Your sweet, spunky, smart Josie - she's hilarious! I'm sorry but the dirty hippie thing is just so flipping funny! And I agree with her on the puppy thing - they are stinky! I'm just mad because our two blabradors heard thunder last night and decided to break out! So, I've got to go look for dumb & dumber this morning - fun!

Please do share the pictures! I love to see your babies sweet faces. I wish I could give them a big squeeze!

Overwhelming joy that Marie is stable and happy and comfortable right now. Stop and smell the flowers for as long as you can - I hope and Pray it's a very long stroll of stability!