Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fundraiser for Landon's Family


There is going to be a little fundraiser for Landon's family on June 28th at the Estes Park Brewery ( One of the owners are related to Landon, and they have organized for a portion of the tips taken in that day to be donated to his family! There will be a flier for customers to pick up with information on Mitochondrial Disease (awesome!) and the website will be up as they'll be trying to get donations in honor of Landon as well.

I know lots of people who read this are on the front range, and some of you are even is Estes Park (Aunt Peg, Uncle Rick, nudge nudge wink wink), so I thought you might like the info to go and check it out, their beer is good (we got some for a Christmas gift a few years ago and loved it!), plus you can help out some really wonderful people. I wish we could go... Maybe I'll see what I can do, it would be lovely...

It would be wonderful to contribute to this, and raise a little awareness while drinking a decent beer (I recommend the Longs Peak Raspberry Wheat). What more could you ask for really?


Michaelene said...

Hey Shannon! We won't be able to make it up to Estes on that weekend, but, we'd like to help. Do you think Landon's family would rather have a donation directly to them or to the UMDF? Let me know, please. If anything, I can send you a check to forward off to them? And I want to give it in Marie's name -- is that ok?

I like the new title, and I love the photos! Your girls are so beautiful. And on that note, I'd like to send your little princesses a care package - any specific books or requests that they've made lately? And what size of little tootsies is Marie right now (12-18?). Please let me know on both matters, Landon & your little queens. You can email, if that's easier:

Happy Father's Day, Luke!

Tamara said...

Hi Shannon. Thanks for visiting Abigails site! I always love it when new people leave a note, so wanted to say thanks! Your girls are so sweet! I have never heard of her condition. I will earmark your blog and check in on you often! When I get a quiet moment, I will be back to read all about your journey! Where abouts are you? We are in Castle Rock. Tam