Friday, June 27, 2008

Greiving the Loss of a Child

Today I found a fantastic article on Grieving the Loss of a Child. While it is not something we've experianced yet we have gone through a stage of grieving the loss of the child we thought we should have had. It is a well written article, from the standpoint of a Christian which I think is important. I wanted to share it (and make sure I have it documented here for when I need it later).


Violet said...

HI Shan!
I don't know how much Marie can handle as far as food goes but when I read about the Ciche, I thought you might like to know what we do for the little boy I nanny. Alex can't have any pure liquid or any solids either. He has to eat pureed food, about the consistency of thick and cream yogurt (the yoplait kind). He can sometimes eat Mac N. Cheese if it is really cheesy. Anyway, his parents bought a magic bullet and it is amazing. Before we were really limited with what we could feed him and it seemed like a lot of work to get his food to the proper consistency. Now we just grab the little "cup" attache the blender peace, and put in a little of whatever we are having and something liquidy that would go good with it. We do meet loaf and ketchup, chicken and apple sauce, refried beans - cheese - sour cream, anything like that. Now he eats almost whatever we do, as long as it gets to a safe consistency (he gags on liquids and can't chew solids). I don't know what you are using but, the magic bullet has certainly made our lives easier and faster when it comes to preparing Alex food. We even scrape topics off of pizza, add extra pizza sauce, blend in, and he eats that and loves it! It's super small and compact and fits nicely on the counter. And you just have to wash the small blade and cup, the base doesn't need to be washed. It also makes perfect proportions if we use the smaller blending cup.

Michaelene said...

Hey Shan!
I hope you guys had a fantastic day of celebration! Hope you enjoyed your rocky mountain oysters - yikes! You'd think being a rocky mountain girl I'd have acquired the taste -- not yet!
Much love and many Prayers!

Holly said...

You last sentence is hard to read.. you are amazing. The article is fantastic, you are right about that.
I saw the comment about the magic bullet- I have one, I love it! It's a great tool... just wanted to give kudos to Violet for sharing that with you.