Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cardiology tomorrow

Tomorrow Marie has a routine cardiology appointment. She will have an EKG and echo cardiogram. Please pray that her results are all normal and she doesn't pick up any bugs while we're down at the hospital.

We'll be back home tomorrow evening so I'll update the Caring Bridge with results once we have them.

Thank you all for taking Marie into your hearts, I've received the nicest cards and phone calls, plus a visit from a good friend this week and I am truly touched by how many people pray for and care about Marie. She is doing so good right now, and I've no doubt that is prayer at work!

The last few days have been busy one's here at our house. Friday we got a visit from Tami and Paige and it was so good to spend time with them. It was wonderful watching Josie and Paige play, and nice to watch Tami enjoying loving all over Marie. I have some pictures to post sometime too... probably later this week :)

Much love-


melinda said...

Shannon, I am keeping you all in my thoughts this week and hoping tomorrow brings good results for Marie!! Safe travels and many prayers!!


Michaelene said...

Hi sweet family! Just wanted to let you know that our Prayers are with you today!
I'm so happy to hear that Tami and Paige came to see you! You're such a wonderful friend, Shan! Thank you for always being there for everyone else - even when you need people and Prayers for yourself.
Please update when you can about the app't today, Marie is absolutely consuming my every thought and Prayer today ;)

Violet said...

I will be praying for sweet Marie!

Holly said...

I'll be praying for you guys this week. Lots of Hugs are being sent your way!