Sunday, August 03, 2008

So proud.

Warning, parts of this post are politically incorrect.

I had to share. My Josie is getting so big. She makes me proud of her in so many ways. Tonight, for fun we had Ghetto S'mores after dinner. What is that you may ask? Just a s'more, only we toast the "smarshmellows" over the gas burner on the stove in the kitchen (according to Luke and Hazen's joke this is how they make s'mores in the ghetto). Josie loved it.

While munching her s'more, and talking about how God really got it right when he invented them, she stopped suddenly and looked at me. She smiled and said "I know I can't see God but he's right here next to me". I am so proud of her, when did she get so wise?


2awesomekidz said...

So Cute!! They know more than we can ever imagagine. So sweet and innocent and wise!! Thinking of you guys and hoping sweet Marie and Josie have sweet dreams!!

Mindy Pfohl said...

Oh if only we could all have faith that wonderful1 how precious! Oh and the ghetto s'mores... got to love those!!! :)

Michaelene said...

Hilarious!! Ghetto s'mores...
What a beautiful innocence Josie has, I love to hear children talk about the things they know ... they are truly wise beings in their youth! You're such a good mommy and Luke's a good daddy for teaching his girls about the "ghetto" way of life!

Holly said...

That's why they say Faith like a child.. and how she got so wise? Her mom!!
I love smarshmellows over the gas burner.. although Sophi doesn't enjoy them she says that I make them dirty when I toast them and she only eats clean ones.. the white ones. :)

Patyrish said...

Ghetto smores sound yummy. I want to try that!

She is a wise one.