Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Hopefully a break from the heat!

It's been hot this week, too hot! The girls have been inside the whole time, it's just too hot for Marie. So, we got bored, then we got cranky, then we got bored again. Then, Mommy pulled all the scarves out of her closet! Party:) Josie had a blast the other night dressing up in every scarf I own, and then covering Marie with them. Silly girls!

Marie was actually a little less than thrilled about this...


Daddy loves this t shirt!


Michaelene said...

It doesn't look like Marie was having fun, AT ALL! Not even a resemblance of interest :) But little miss dress up herself, Josie, looks like she had a BALL! Gotta love the tee -- Garbear used to love tractors...he still does. Thanks for the great photos, I love to see these girls of yours!

Holly said...

I LOVE IT!!! Those girls are awesome!! Josie is a trip! I bet she and Sophia would have a blast together, Sophia has a trunk at the foot of her bed full of dress up clothes! Thank you for the picture posts.. I love seeing them.