Friday, August 01, 2008

Funny things Josie says...

I don't want to forget these!

At our grocery store we have discovered you can get these completely awesome temporary tattoos for only 50 cents! So, we buy them every time we go now. Luke told me I was going to turn Josie into a deviant. She looked at him and said, "I'm not a D-viant, I'm a C-viant!".

"You're clever Mommy, almost as clever as my Uncle Mickey". That's sayin' somethin' there!

"Mommy, when you get little like me you'll be able to wear that nightgown."

Out of the blue Josie told me, "When I grow up and I am the Mommy, I'll marry Daddy and take good care of you."

At our house we do vegetables on the grill. I make foil packets and put a little butter on the veggies with a little salt and pepper and let the grill do the work. The other night, I forgot I had put broccoli on and it got a little toasted to say the least. I thought we could still manage to eat it so I put it on plates. Josie thought otherwise. "Mom, somethings wrong with this broccoli. Look at it, it's not even green anymore. I think it caught on fire." It did.

Tuesday Josie stayed with at Andrea and Hazen's with Nicole. For dinner Andrea made salmon patties and Josie ate them! She told me, "Andrea is a good cooker Mommy, I like everything she cooks because she made it, not you." At least she's honest. That, and food always tastes better at someone else's house.


Michaelene said...

H.I.L.Arious!!! Garrett's laughing so hard he got the hiccups! I've tried the burnt broccoli stunt - it didn't work for me either. I love that Josie calls people cookers - that's what my Garbear calls me ... "'re a good cooker, mom!" May August be filled with sweet blessings!

nat said...

Sawy says the same thing:
"when dad gets little like me..."
or "when I get little like you mom..."
:D too cute.

Patyrish said...

"i think it caught on fire"

LOLOLOLOL That one got me!