Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Wow! The last week flew by, it was busy! Marie is still doing great:) Our hospice nurse Barb was back from vacation and checked her yesterday. Lungs clear, heart sounds good, and Barb confirmed something that I've been seeing. Marie is sooo much more alert!

She's making faces, grabbing at toys, and overall showing more emotion. She actually got annoyed with her sister the other day (Praise God!). Who'd have ever thought I'd be happy about my girls not getting along? Josie was in her face and Marie finally had enough and scowled then tried to pull her hair. She also made this angry little grunting sound. Definitely nice to see her really interacting.

Josie had another re-check on her ears yesterday. Since her surgery in April she's done really well and got a clean bill of health this time. Now, all we need to do is pass the hearing test they'll give her at the beginning of September with preschool and we'll be out of the woods. They also did say that the scarring in her ear lobes won't interfere with getting her ears pierced so, hooray! Now we just have to work on Daddy :)

Josie is really looking forward to soccer starting again in September. I hope that she enjoys it more than she did in the spring. I have repeatedly asked her if she would like to play, and every time I'm met with a very enthusiastic "yes" so we'll go ahead and sign her up.

I think that's really all the news here for now. Below, please enjoy some photos from Josie's gymnastics recital which was last Tuesday. She was in the 4-6 age class and for only doing it two months she was so good! All the kids were, it was tons of fun to watch. Once again, thank you Kathy for emailing me these photos, I didn't take any as I was busy with the camcorder the entire time!



Running to the springboard to get on the pommel horse (?) I have no idea really what it's all called;)

Balance Beam


Michaelene said...

Thank you for such joyous updates! Temper tantrums and all, what beautiful blessings. I love the pictures of Josie - she is such a sweet little gymnast! And she looks so serious as she's doing her floor stuff ... goodness me!!
Sending all of you much love and lots of Prayers!

Renee said...

I loved gymnastics as a child! I am sure it will be great for her boundless energy!

I noticed Marie's expressions in all of the photos are so much more 'aware'. What fantastic news!! The fact that she has the energy to stick it to Josie says A LOT!

OOOOOOXOOOXOOOOOO (2 kisses for my girls)

Anonymous said...

It is so great to hear that both girls are doing well! And even better to hear that Marie was frustrated with Josie! I am glad you are seeing more from her! I'll continue to keep you all in my prayers!!

Holly said...

I love hearing updates!! I am so glad little Marie is doing good... it makes my heart happy to hear that!! Pulling her sister's hair- haha! Look out Josie!
Josie is cute a a button in her little leotard! I enjoyed the pictures and hearing the update on your beautiful girls. Hope all is well.