Monday, April 06, 2009

Brief update...

Last night = Long night.

Rie getting better we think. Fever's gone but cough is driving her crazy. Wears her out, fell asleep in the high chair she was so tired! No appetite. Hospice checked her lungs, clear. Praying this passes soon.

Luke has Rie's cold. Yay for Mommy. Last night was maybe 4 hours of sleep for me. Blegh.

Is summer ever coming?

Asking the Lord for strength, a restful night, and thanking him for Jesus. Good Friday is coming up.

Much love-

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Holly said...

I know you must be totally exhausted and worn out. I am so glad the cold isn't in Rie's chest. I will pray that this passes quickly. Love you all.

Michaelene Sargent said...

Sounds exactly like Sophia's bug while in CA. She coughed so much, so hard she would just lay down and go to sleep. She did the same thing in the car on the way to AZ (the first leg of the trip home), we put her in a warm bath when we got there and she was out...until she coughed herself awake =(
The hard coughing only lasted 2 days and then it became very, very loose and far between coughs. Oh sweetheart, my prayers are with you.
Love & hugs...