Monday, April 20, 2009

In a few words...

Just briefly, what's up with us?

It's sunny, we did sidewalk chalk. Too windy for bubbles though :(

Taco's for dinner, for lack of a better idea.

Thinking of getting a sitter and maybe going on an honest to goodness date this week.

After seeing Marie's occupational therapist on Friday the time has come that I admit we need a tumble form chair. It's a special needs chair that will position her better than the bouncy or high chair for playing and eating. By today I've come to terms with needing it, it will make life better. The only problem is that I don't have a special needs child. I have an awesome child with different obstacles than the norm that we have to overcome.

Going to try for yard work tomorrow... keyword: try.

Going to try to remember camera to take some renovation pics of the new house. Perhaps I should put it in my diaper bag tonight...

We did mommy & girls mani/pedis after preschool this afternoon. Our fingernails are hot pink, my toenails are fire engine red. Josie picked the colors and we have to be matching. Every time I see them I smile.

After the drama last night when Mickey won Clue it will be a long time before we play that game again. Long story short, Josie is a poor looser. But then again, Mickey *might* have cheated.

I'm off to make tacos...mmmmm!


Mindy Pfohl said...

I love your out look on the special needs situation! I will remember that! Joeys recent set backs have put us in situations that those words make me cringe! I hate that label and now have a fresh way of saying it! THANKS! Hugs! ~Mindy

Kirstie said...

OHH my Mickey would never *cheat* at a game!

Our house said...

Ummmm....Josie sounds like her dad in regards to being a sore loser. Sorry Luke! But I do remember fondly when Luke and I would play and ohhh boy if he lost watch out. Hee! Hee! Glad you all are having a great time! Love ya!

clarissa said...

hey Shannon,
its been so lone since i've been online! we don't have internet anymore, so its been hard to stay in touch with everyone! i've been thinking of you all often and praying too! glad to hear things are well! hugs to sweet Marie!! God bless you! love clarissa

Judy said...

Ohhhhhh, what beautiful girls they are!!! (I'm not at all prejudiced!) My boy looks good, too. Haven't seen him in a suit in a long time! So wonderful to see you all so happy!

Love you!