Thursday, April 09, 2009

Getting better...

Last night went better! Happy Dance Pictures, Images and Photos

Marie went down about 10 and even though we were up coughing every hour or two she would cough, then hold my hand and go back to sleep!

Happy Dance 05 Pictures, Images and Photos

Seriously, it was awesome! This morning, lots of coughing but after drinking some of Mommy's coffee (shhh) she was good to go. The neb treatments really seem to be helping, the Zyrtec showed results and this was what Luke and I looked like:
Happy Dance 06 Pictures, Images and Photos

Really, at 21 weeks pregnant I still look that hot in a bikini. I know, hate me.

Rie has been smiling, eating some cottage cheese, starbursts (thanks Barb!) and jelly beans. I am crossing my fingers but I think we're kickin' this thing!

Now if we can just keep it up! happy dance Pictures, Images and Photos

In other news, Josie and I are going to dye Easter eggs this evening. It's snowing here again, which is not summer-like at all but it's good moisture so we'll take it! We should close on the new house next Tuesday Happy Dance 2 Pictures, Images and Photos and Josie has the beginning of a double ear infection. Don't worry, we caught it early so we can treat with decongestants and not put her on antibiotics again! Snoopy happy dance Pictures, Images and Photos

So, that's it. Hopefully we really are on the downhill side of this bug and things get better from here!

And finally, because it was just to weird to leave out of any "happy dance" montage I leave you with a dancing flamingo!Flamingo happy dance Pictures, Images and Photos

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2awesomekidz said...

Awesome! I love your humor! Giver Rie big kisses from us!

The VW's said...

Glad to hear you are all dancing the happy dance again! Thanks for the smile!