Friday, April 24, 2009

Finally, I remembered the camera!

The back patio with assorted things we removed from the house. Among them: shelves from old hardware store, non-functioning deep freeze, fence posts that used to surround patio, central vac unit.

More of the patio.

The living room view from the dining room. See how my range is actually in the dining room at the moment?

That's because the kitchen looks like this. The stove will eventually be on the left side complete with cabinets which are temporarily removed. This kitchen is huge, I am so excited!

Loading up for the dump.

This is one of the last flowerbeds I have to tackle. It's slightly overgrown. There are strawberries in there, somewhere. I am waiting for a cooler day to tackle this, it was 85 here yesterday!

My girls enjoying the shade. Marie loves being outside, Josie loves exploring that giant flowerbed. Every time she looks there's something new she discovers.

Marie napping yesterday afternoon. As our OT says, she's so cute "you could just roll her in sugar and eat her with a spoon"!


Michaelene Sargent said...

Looks wonderful! I hope and pray that you and your family are very healthy, happy and blessed in your new space. Look at those beautiful girls - the pic of Marie napping is so peaceful!
I'm a bit jealous about the grass. SF is considered the high desert and with that comes many droughts - we don't see much grass other than in tiny patches. It's actually against the law to lay sod and it's not sold in Santa Fe, at all! Garrett didn't really know what grass was until he was 3 - and we were out of town when he discovered it. I'm fearing the same will be true for Bambi.

The VW's said...

Looks like a very nice house! Lots of work, I'm sure, but how exciting!!

And, I could definitely eat Marie up!!! What a sweetie pie!

Holly said...

I love the house. It is going to look awsome. Marie is soo cute, I agree with the OT I could just eat her up. Josie is looking so grown up. She is just beautiful! Your little explorer. And yes, you do have Luke working hard ;)