Sunday, April 05, 2009

Last night

As of now Rie's fever has broken. She's tired, as are all of us, but doing better. She still has the cough but it sounds like it's in her throat/head and not her lungs. No crackly sounds or wheezing.

Last night at about 1 am I checked her temp and it was at 103 underarm, so you add a degree and that's her supposed temp. The highest we've seen Marie run yet. We stripped her down and put her in a lukewarm bath. The stinker actually smiled at us when we put her in, then she realized how cold it was and didn't smile anymore.

Luke and I took turns sleeping in the living room to keep her upright so her coughing wouldn't keep her up. A looong night.

Thank you for the prayers! Hopefully the fever stays gone, or low grade at the very least. We're going to try to get some sleep this afternoon. Not much else to do as it was a blizzard here yesterday and we have 3 foot drifts around the house!

Praise God for answered prayers!

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Michaelene Sargent said...

Hi sweetheart. I'm so sorry to hear Marie picked up another bug. It sounds like exactly what Soph had while we were in CA. The fever lasted a couple of nights and the cough sounds like it's exactly the same ... BOO on coughs! She's over the fever and seems to feel fine - the cough is nothing like the one she had a couple of weeks ago. I'm so ready for this icky time of the year to be OVER.
Hope you guys get some sleep tonight. Love & Prayers ...

The VW's said...

Praying!!! I'm so sorry that she is sick again! Poor sweet girl and poor Momma and Dad! I'll be praying that she gets better soon! Try to take care of yourself too!

I despise illnesses!!! Hang in there! And, stay warm! We are supposed to get snow tonight as well, UGH! Summer will come again.....Right?!

Anonymous said...

Ok guys, this is getting silly... Marie and Cassidy sick again with the same sounding illness!!! It's all good Shanny. Cassidy got through it just fine, Marie will too. Remember, "No worries, all is good." I will keep you all in my prayers.