Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Chinese food, flowerbeds, sleepy heads...

The title is sort of my day in a nutshell. We are going to pick up Chinese and have a picnic with Daddy at the new house. There are times that it amuses me, I am 150 miles from the closest Target but I have Chinese food a few blocks away. In a tiny farm town in NE Colorado. Whatever, that was random.

This morning we were at the new house working on flowerbeds. They have not been tended in at least a few years. I feel a little like a detective, "what is that plant", "who would put that here", "why are there so many f---ing mums?". I didn't say the last one out loud, I try to only curse in my head. It's a lot of work. I'm getting there but honestly don't think I'll be done getting the beds up to speed until next week. That said, I'm a pretty lucky girl that my pressing chores include gardening, filling nail holes in the walls at this house, and touch up painting. My life is simple:)

Marie loves, loves, loves this new routine. The last two days of spending the morning outdoors at the new house, home for lunch, a nap and then going out again in the evening is her cup of tea. She loves being on the go, and she is lovin' this sunshine. She's still napping now, I need to wake her up. Little Mama went down at 1:30 and it's 5:15. That is a healthy nap. I love to see her get some really good, peaceful sleep. I don't know if it's a side effect from the damage to her brain from the Leigh's or what, but sometimes restful sleep is hard for her to come by.

Miss Josie is also loving the warm weather, mostly because I let her wear flip flops to preschool. I know, I am unbelievably cool. We are barefoot people, if we play our cards right Marie, Josie and I may not wear socks again for at least three months. Wouldn't that be fantastic?

This is a little rambling, I'm a little tired and sunburned, sitting here feeling number 3 wiggle around and getting ready to sort of wrap up this day. I hope that everyone has enjoyed this warm stretch as much as we have been! I've got my camera in the car and am going to try very, very hard to snap a few picks of the new house tonight. Luke's been hard at work with his Dad's help, it looks a lot different than it did before already.

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The VW's said...

Chinese food, flowerbeds and sleepheads......some of my favorite things! (Well, I only like finished flowerbeds actually!) Sounds like a great day to me! Glad to hear that you are enjoying yourselves! Yay for flipflops! No socks for me for the next few months either! :)