Friday, April 17, 2009


Big girl (her face is priceless).

Daddy's Baby
Putting up with Josie...

Mommy's birthday, and the cake Uncle Mickey brought which resulted in everyone having their mouths stained green ;)

Josie and Uncle Mickey.

My pretty girls. Marie and I did not attend the Easter service, too many people and she was just getting over being sick, but she dressed up anyway. Their cousin N has the green version of this dress and we hopefully get some pictures of all three girls dressed up soon!

I curled Josie's hair and let her wear a little blush and lip gloss. The end result was her looking like Shirley Temple, or a doll. Either way, I couldn't believe how cute she was. She loves the dress too, if you can't tell!

All ready for church (*swoon* I love Luke in a suit)!

It was mentioned that I haven't posted any belly pics, and honestly I feel a little bad. This is the first real picture I've found of me pregnant this time (Josie and her random playing with the camera). This is me at 22 weeks with number 3. I look a little grumpy, she caught me in the middle of explaining why we must continue to pick up our toys instead of leaving them out to play with again.... I am a "fun hater" she says.


Holly said...

Marie looks so cute! She is getting so big!
Josie looks like a little lady wtih her blush and lip gloss ;)
Tell her I love the purse!
You look great mommy and yes Luke looks great in a suit! ;)

The VW's said...

My boys would tell you that I am a "fun hater" too, but their daddy is even worse, so I am actually the "good guy" a lot of the time concerning fun!

You look so cute pregnant! And your girls are adorable!!! Thanks for sharing!

Michaelene Sargent said...

"Fun Hater" Josie fricken cracks me up! She is terribly funny and somehow, I don't think she really even tries!
Matt and I were just cracking up at the first photo of Marie with Luke ... we were making up scenarios of what he was saying to her to make her look with such dismay. Hilarious.
Isn't Josie the belle of the ball?! I hope Luke plans on keeping a shotgun in very close reach here in the near future!
And about you and your hotness halfway through pregnancy - we are no longer eligible for friendship. I'm sorry, I just can not be friends with someone who (even with the fun hater look on) looks as good as you halfway through. I am a beached whale from the time of conception ... it's just not fair ;)
I love you sweet thing - hope all is going well with the boxes and tape and packing stuff!

2awesomekidz said...

Shan the pictures are priceless! Absolutely beautiful. Marie looks like such a doll. I can't even find words for her beauty, so angelic! and Joise, wow you better watch out for the boys momma! She looks hot in that dress! It is hilarious the bruises on her legs. Looks oh so familiar! LOL!
Talk soon!

Judy Schlachter said...

Lookin' good, Shannon! (Even if you are a "fun hater"!) Ha!!