Friday, July 04, 2008

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Today is mostly business as usual for us. This is the busy time of year if you're a farmer, so Luke is in the field doing summer till (basically using a giant rototiller to kill weeds) and Josie and I are going to hit the pool in the backyard after lunch.

Fireworks are at the fairgrounds this year so we'll be able to see them really well from our front yard. I think we'll grill brats and then camp out on the lawn to watch...

Marie is doing pretty well, still more seizures than normal but she's teething (I think) so I'm not too worried at the moment. We decided not to do any more things with meds until we see her Neurologist on Wednesday next week. Josie is coloring at the moment. Our WONDERFUL hospice nurse brought her a coloring book about princess brides and she is going to get every page colored I think. I had an awesome talk with my little (taller) brother this morning. He's the funniest person I know, it really brightened my day (this would be Mickey the hippie, although he's actually more of a cowboy in reality). He's been home for the summer working my parent's ranch and it's 8 hours away across the state (down by you Michaelene) so we haven't seen much of him for the summer. His world is all cows and alfalfa fields at the moment. He's coming to help with wheat harvest next week and Josie and I are so excited to see him!

Don't you just love this Kenny Chesney song? My sister Annalee is probably the biggest Kenny Chesney fan in the world. For some reason this one just seem's to fit Marie. I cried the first time I heard it, and I've been trying to have less emotional music lately but I just love this song too much not to share it for a little while.

I hope everyone has a wonderful long holiday weekend (although for us it doesn't feel like much of a holiday, just another day). Much love-


Michaelene said...

What a great song -
We were going to head out to the pool, but we're getting the thunderhead clouds in. Have a splishy splashy for us. Hope you guys have a really happy, quiet, bright (with fireworks) evening.

How interesting that your parents ranch is down this way - is it in Southern CO or Northern NM? I hope he has safe travels getting to you guys next week.

I have Marie very close in Prayer that her little body settles from seizures, very soon.
big hugs...

2awesomekidz said...

Happy 4th!! Just got done saoking Landon's little toes in the warm water. He cannot nor does he really like totally getting in, but he did enjoy the foot soak. And they smell lots better too :)
We are headed out to the pool too, just cleaned it , aired it and filled it!! Nice and ready and cold! Have fune!! Tell Joise, Marie and Luke Hi!

brightwells said...

Happy 4th! It was business as usual here too! Finley played in the pool while I worked in our little veggie garden and Peyton napped inside where it was cool. I love that song. I get lost in it everytime I hear it. It means something different to everyone I think! Hope the fireworks are awesome! I'll be praying for you all and praying that Marie's seizures settle down soon.

Tamara said...

Shan, I just read your entire blog and feel so close to you! I wanna get in my car, load up Abbs and come and visit you! I am so touched that you'd put a post of our trip to NY and ask for prayer! I teared up at your kindness and called my husband and read what you said... so so sweet! Thank you so much!

Your girls are so sweet! Just want to hugg them! Love your photo's of them too! As a photographer my thought is keep clicking away! Moments treasured as long as we have breath!

I will pray for sweet Marie and her seizures! Oh I 150% understand what that is like! I know your heart when it's happening and the prayers that our hearts call out to Jesus as its happening. Bless her sweet heart, she is a trooper!

What neurologists do you see and where do you go? I have had such bad luck here in CO that's why we go all the way to NY! Dr. Devinskie is a God send for us!

I hope your 4th was all that you hoped it to be! Sounds like you live in an increadible area! I love open space and all it's beauty!

Abby and I stayed home and watched Turner Classic Movies. Not your usual 4th, but Matt was in CA with our boys visiting grandma so we just hung out together!

How far are you from Denver? If you'd like e-mail me, I'd love to chat! :)

Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your sweetness and thoughtfullness for Abby!

Oh really quick, would you mind if I copied your post of I Am The Child. I so realte to this and would love to share with others on Abbs blogsite. Also can I put your sweet Marie on Abbs site?

Let me know, In His Grip... Tam

Holly said...

I hate to hear that Marie is having more seizures- I HATE SEIZURES!! Sometimes I just want to scream it out!!!! Sometimes I do scream it!! I am so sorry to read that. Keep us updated. You are a great mommy!