Thursday, July 03, 2008

Better morning...

Marie is doing better now. She came around about 6:30 last night, played some, cooed some, ate some. The color is back in her face again.

Simply put, it sucked. It was a reminder of how fragile she is, in spite of how normal I think she is. It is scary to have her slip out of it so easily, and I was frightened.

For a few weeks, I have had the phrase "pray without ceasing" running through my head almost in a constant chant. I know now what I need to pray for. I need to pray for the Lord to quiet me, so that I can feel His love, the reminder that Marie (and Josie) are safe in His hands. That nothing is beyond Him.

Thank you all for your prayers yesterday, we feel so blessed to have so many who care about us! Thank you!!!


Michaelene said...

Praise GOD! Sweet Jesus, thank you, thank you!

I send you much love and many Prayers for your intentions and for Marie's.

Thank you so much for the update.

Michaelene said...

I couldn't remember which Psalm for the life of me! Here it is:

"Be still and know that I am"
Psalm 46:10