Friday, July 18, 2008

Rough night.

In the last few days Marie has been doing so well. Yesterday evening I saw a few more seizures, but this evening from about 7pm on they were nearly non-stop. I have her meds and she fell asleep but woke having a pretty nasty episode, she held her breath for a good 8 seconds or so. I hate that they wake her up from peaceful sleep. Please join me in praying that this is not a beginning of rough times. I'm worried about Landon, plus with Marie having her first rough evening in almost a week I'm having a hard time. Please pray for both babies. Poor Landon is suffering and my heart is breaking for him and his family. This is terrifying.

On the plus side, massage did wonderful things. She relaxed, had a good bowel movement (thank you Lord). She really felt good I think. I've been doing massage on her myself since Wednesday when our occupational therapist taught me how. I'd like to get a real massage for her, one that lasts awhile, more for relaxation that anything else. I think it would so help her. Marie just can't control her body well, and her little arms and legs stiffen and jerk. I know it must be painful, and as her brain misfires it is hard to know what to do to help her relax.

I should be in bed... thank you so much to everyone who stops in, and checks on our family, especially my sweet Marie. Also, thank you to everyone who prays on our behalf and for Landon and his family.


Mindy Pfohl said...

Shan- I'm very much praying for you and for tami and her family. My heart just absolutely goes out! I wish i were closer to both of you and could help, however, I am not so I pray with all my heart that God will hold you close right now and that you will feel his arms and hear a sweet song of love as He holds you. Zeph. 3:17... Remember to rejoice means to dance about uncontrollably!!! God is with you my friend! -Mindy

Anonymous said...

I have been bad about posting things lately, and I am not the best at praying, but please know that we are stil here thinking of you and your family. I know how tough a missing husband can be and how irratiting farming really is!!! I want to leave a smile on your face and a laugh for you. I came across some pictures of your wedding and had to explain it all to my husband, I don't know something about how shannon and sarah goof around on a gold course!!!! Ah I hope this helped to ease all the pain!!! We love you all,
The Dillons

brightwells said...

Shannon,I am praying for Marie and Landon. I jumped over to read about him and I am in awe at two wonderful mothers caring for their sweet precious babies. I am keeping all of you in my prayers! Melinda

2awesomekidz said...

Shan, Thanks you soo much for all your kind words. Thank you for caring soo much about my little boy! I love sweet Marie as well. I cannot believe "God has given me such a wonderful family to go through this with!! I pray for Marie and I pray for those stinky seizures to go away! What is with those things!!! I hope she is having a better day today!! I massaged Landon's tummy or should I say I tried, He was totally out when she did it yesterday. Today I tried 3 times and after the first roll around he got soo tight. So I kept trying and obviously I got enough massage doen to it cause he had another BM!! YAY! Gave him a bath, yes a bath, He was such a big boy!! He seems calmer and therefore so am I. Again I soo appreciate your support!!! Thanks